Helpsters cast


Meet the Helpsters

The Helpsters—Cody, Heart, Scatter, and Mr. Primm—are a one-of-a-kind team of vibrant and friendly monsters who love to solve problems for the customers who visit their shop. Whether faced with a challenge like planning a party, climbing a mountain, or mastering a magic trick, the Helpsters can help figure anything out—because every solution starts with a plan. Preschoolers (ages 3-5) see the power of teamwork in action while absorbing important lessons in self-confidence, collaboration, and effective communication.

No Problem Too Big—or Too Small

The Helpsters teach critical thinking and pre-coding concepts, so children learn how to address challenges of any size and simplify them in order to find solutions. Concepts taught include planning sequencing, spatial relations/directionality, condition and action, experimenting and iterating, flexible thinking, working memory, following directions, and managing emotions/self-control—all of which help children learn the skills they need to navigate successfully through their daily lives.

Everything Starts With A Plan

Awarded a 2020 Parents’ Choice Gold Award, Helpsters premiered on Apple TV+ in November 2019 with six episodes, each featuring two original stories and a musical interstitial. With celebrity guests playing customers who need the team’s help solving problems that have them stumped, Helpters shows preschoolers that formulating a plan is the best way to begin facing any challenge. New episodes are set to drop in spring of 2020.

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