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Sesame Workshop Supports Families During COVID-19

The global nonprofit behind Sesame Street and so much more, our mission is to help children everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. In times of crisis, we provide valuable resources that bring children comfort, spark learning, and help families face challenges together.

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We care about one thing: children. And we’re working to meet their needs in all sorts of ways: educating with great shows and other content full of endearing characters and proven educational value, enriching lives and creating possibilities with social impact work around the world, and building experiences that bring families of all shapes and sizes together.

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You Can Help Children and Families During COVID-19

When you give to our Critical Needs Response Fund, you’re helping us meet the needs of children in crisis—whatever they may be.

Your gift will contribute to our COVID-19 response efforts and may support other initiatives critical to children and families everywhere. For legal disclosures, click here.

Latest News from the Workshop

Click here to support children and families during COVID-19. And click here to visit our COVID-19 resources initiative "Caring for Each Other."