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In 1969, Sesame Workshop’s founders asked a single bold question. Could television—then an emerging technology—be used to educate kids? With a diverse cast, a research-based curriculum, and some instantly-iconic characters, Sesame Street sought to answer that question—and it changed children’s television forever.

Fifty years after the start of our daring experiment, we have more original shows in production than ever before. An acknowledged industry leader, the Workshop has produced award-winning educational entertainment for generations of kids and families. It all started with Sesame Street, which led to shows like The Electric Company, DragonTales, 3-2-1 Contact, and Pinky Dinky Doo, all paving the way to today’s slate of all-new programming.

50 years: Our flagship show has been educating and delighting families since 1969.

6 continents: From Asia to Africa and everywhere in between, families can find Sesame Workshop programming wherever they learn and play.

COVID-19 is devastating India. Our Critical Needs Response Fund helps us support families in crisis across the country. Click here to help.

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