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IBM Watson

Since 2016, Sesame Workshop and IBM Watson have been working together to develop an intelligent play and learning platform for early learners. Powered by IBM Cloud, this platform supports a growing range of individualized educational products and services.

Combining Sesame’s early childhood expertise with Watson’s language processing and cognitive computing technologies, the apps and other personalized learning experiences on the platform adapt to students’ unique needs in the classroom and beyond. Watson’s “augmented intelligence” continuously improves the apps by learning from the experiences of anonymized groups of students.

First up on the platform was a cognitive vocabulary-learning app, pilot-tested in Georgia’s Gwinnett County Public Schools. In the pilots, kindergartners played tablet-based word games with Sesame Street content tailored to enhance their individual gains; teachers received real-time feedback about each student’s learning journey, helping them better individualize their lessons.

Vocabulary learning apps are only the beginning of what’s possible with this technology; IBM and Sesame continue to customize Watson to deliver context-rich play experiences around literacy, emotional learning, and school preparedness, all adapted to individual children’s preferences and learning patterns.

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