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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative + The Primary School

Sesame Workshop has teamed up with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and The Primary School to create a new curriculum for three- to five-year olds, to help teachers holistically meet students’ academic, social emotional, physical, and mental health needs.

Reaching children in their early years can change the trajectory of their lives—studies show that high-quality early education is linked to better educational and health outcomes and long-term success. But many children don’t have access to first-rate pre-school programs and enter  kindergarten behind their more-advantaged peers. With this program, supported by a three-year grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Sesame Workshop and The Primary School aim to improve kindergarten readiness outcomes for all children—particularly those in underserved communities.

The new curriculum will integrate social emotional learning into early childhood literacy lessons, a whole-child approach to early learning that draws on Sesame Workshop’s pioneering evidence-based method of helping young children thrive. Sesame Workshop and The Primary School, an organization that integrates education, health care, and family support services and builds family well-being throughout a child’s development, have been developing and piloting the new curriculum at The Primary School’s flagship site in East Palo Alto, California. By the end of 2020, the curriculum will be digitized and made available online for use in additional qualifying early learning classrooms across the country.

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