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Caring for Each Other Resource Hub

Sesame Workshop partners can help make sure families everywhere have the tools they need to thrive, through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

In response to the uncertainty facing children and families everywhere, Sesame Workshop launched Caring for Each Otheran initiative to support children, parents, and caregivers as they cope with the pandemic’s impacts and navigate an ever-changing “normal.”

With support from the LEGO Foundation, we’ve created a growing library of resources to help caregivers spark playful learning anywhere, offer children comfort, adapt everyday routines, and focus a bit on themselves too. And we'll continue to add more, including timely and reassuring messages from favorite Sesame Street friends.

From healthy habits and learning through play to coping with illness and emotional support, our resources are designed to help you give families in your networks the tools they need to focus on #CaringForEachOther, no matter what the future holds.

Visit the sites below to see resources for other regions:


Our videos are easy to share with anyone! From a kid-friendly “news report” to pop up puppet shows, Elmo, Grover, and friends are here to demonstrate effective ways we can all take care of ourselves and each other. Caregivers can use these videos to talk to their child about the importance of handwashing, proper ways to sneeze and cough, and more.

Caregiver Information

Caregivers can use these resources to help their child feel protected and cared for, demonstrate appropriate health behaviors, support their child’s emotional well-being, and understand the importance of learning through play while at home.

Activities for Kids

These fun, interactive activities help children understand the precautionary ways to keep coronavirus at bay, develop long-term healthy habits, and learn strategies for coping with difficult situations and big feelings.


Caregivers can use these books to educate and engage their child in a playful yet deep understanding of the "new normal," reinforce foundational healthy habits, demonstrate acts of kindness, and learn how to cope with emotions during this time of uncertainty.

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