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Grover and his furry friends grow a greater understanding of Jewish culture.

Children’s Education Initiatives in United States | Appreciating Jewish culture

We created Shalom Sesame to celebrate the richness of Jewish culture and offer a deeper understanding of Jewish people and Israel for those of all backgrounds.

Through 12 special episodes on DVD and on air, Shalom Sesame introduces North American children and their families to the diverse cultural threads that weave together the Jewish experience in America and Israel. Each episode features Sesame’s beloved Muppets along with celebrity guests, including Anneliese van der Pol (from Disney’s That’s So Raven), Debra Messing, Jake Gyllenhaal, Christina Applegate, and the cast of Israel’s Sesame Street production, Rechov Sumsum.

At, families and teachers can find videos, games, and a variety of educational resources to expand the experience. A section for parents offers activities related to holidays, traditions, and the Hebrew language, while educators will find downloadable materials that reinforce lessons about Jewish values, such as performing mindful acts of consideration and caring for the natural environment. Developed with a consortium of educators and advisors from a variety of backgrounds, the program aims to strengthen connections among a new generation of Israeli and North American Jews and their friends and neighbors of all backgrounds.

Major support provided by the Gruss Lipper Family Foundation; the Funds of Jewish Education Sponsored by Gruss Life Monument Funds and UJA Federation of NY; and the Jim Joseph Foundation. Generous support also provided by American Greetings Corporation; The Ted Arison Family Foundation; The Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds; The Covenant Foundation; and the Crown Family Philanthropies.