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The strength and skills to cope when adversity hits home.

Children’s Education Initiatives in United States | Finding strength in the face of adversity

Challenges, big and small, are part of life. Whether it’s a playground conflict, bullying, or life-changing experiences such as a family member’s divorce or imprisonment, the pressure and anxiety these experiences inflict can be overwhelming for a young child. That is why Sesame Workshop is extending a furry hand to vulnerable children confronting these and other tough situations.

Featuring the lovable cast of Sesame Street, our Child Resilience Initiative gives children ages 2 to 5 and their families valuable education and skills to cope with adversity at home and school. Developed with input from psychologists and child-development experts, this multimedia toolkit is designed to bolster kids’ sense of self, help them develop positive conflict resolution skills, and express their feelings in positive ways. Armed with these skills and the secure support of adults, children can find the strength to face everyday challenges and whatever else life may bring.