pinky dinky doo

Our pink-haired heroine fosters early literacy skills through games, songs, and rampant make-believe.

A wild, word-filled romp for budding readers and writers.

Woven into the magic of storytelling are all kinds of lessons: how to share the ideas in our heads, how to invent characters and events, and of course, how to put a magnificent array of words to work. To equip young storytellers with these crucial skills early on, there’s Pinky Dinky Doo.

Based on the books of author Jim Jinkins, Pinky inspires preschoolers to imagine and express their own stories while it starts them on the path to reading and writing. The show follows 7-year-old Pinky and her little brother, Tyler, as they dream up silly stories, each enriched by Pinky’s astounding vocabulary. Online, young literary minds can go deeper, using interactive tools for creating and sharing tall tales.

In the show’s two adventure-filled seasons so far, Pinky and friends are sparking preschool-age imaginations in Canada, the United Kingdom, Latin America, and Australia, as well as in the United States, where 231 million pairs of eyes watch Pinky every year.

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