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Priming preschool minds to discover a math-filled world.

Children’s Education Initiatives in the United States | Mastering math…it’s easy!

To give kids a head start in school, we’re bolstering academic readiness in an area that truly counts: math.

After all, studies show that a kindergartner’s math skills on the first day of school are the strongest predictor of his or her future academic achievement. That’s why it’s so alarming that the United States is failing the subject: In a study of 30 developed countries, American children ranked 25th in math literacy.

Created to address this shortfall, Math Is Everywhere outreach kits spark young children’s natural curiosity about principles such as counting, patterns, shapes, and spatial reasoning. This children’s education initiative was developed in partnership with PNC Bank as part of its Grow Up Great school-readiness initiative (read more). Kits include activity books, DVDs, and an educator’s guide to help caregivers reinforce the message: Math is a fundamental part of the world we live in. Kids are invited to join Elmo on a “math adventure,” using math to count guests at a party, sort socks by pattern, and complete an obstacle course using “math talk” such as “over” and “under.”

Almost all parents (97 percent) using the kit say it increases the time their child spends on math-related activities, and more than 90 percent of parents report a change in their children’s interest in counting, sorting, and matching.1 By removing the intimidation factor, math becomes useful and fun for everyone.

Major support is provided by PNC.

1 KidPoint, LLC. (2001, March). Math Is Everywhere Evaluation Report,