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Staying ahead of change… towards promising futures for Jordanian children.

Children’s Education Initiatives in Jordan | Fresh lessons for a changing society

For Jordanian children, episodes of Hikayat Simsim  fill a gap in programming that educates and entertains.

Since our locally produced version of Sesame Street premiered in 2003, Jordan’s Hikayat Simsim has delivered a daily dose of engaging children’s education — from literacy to numbers to health — to prepare young Jordanians for school success. Animation and live-action segments mirror the country’s rich cultural heritage, starring local Muppets with a uniquely Jordanian feel, like Tonton, a confident and optimistic 4-year-old girl, and Juljul, a patient, sincere, 6-year-old boy who loves computers.

In a country experiencing rapid change, the show brings fresh lessons on themes such as computer literacy and girls’ empowerment that are critical to Jordanian children’s success in a modern society, to great acclaim. Queen Rania Al Abdullah is a dedicated fan and supporter.

“Through the doors that Sesame Street has opened wide,” said the Queen, “children see a future full of color, music, opportunity, and hope.”

A comprehensive outreach initiative complements the show with educational activities for children and families. Hikayat Simsim has a positive reputation and regular viewership among those who are aware of the program.

With 104 episodes produced to date and airing on Rita TV and JTV; an outreach program consisting of classroom workshops, events and live shows; and an active social media presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, Hikayat Simsim will continue to be a leading educational program and the source of valued content for parents and teaches. It will serve as a positive role model for children through helping them build a solid background for an educational future and the love for learning.

Major funding for Hikayat Simsim is provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Bank of Jordan, and ArtVenture.