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Connecting a diverse archipelago around a colorful street.

Children’s Education Initiatives in Indonesia | Education that connects an archipelago

Indonesia’s locally produced Jalan Sesama  program debuted in 2008 as part of an effort to create a cohesive identity in a country of enormous diversity.

The show was developed to address the unique educational needs of preschoolers across the Indonesian archipelago, promoting literacy, character building, environmental awareness, and appreciation of diversity. Homegrown Indonesian Muppets entertain children as well as educate: Tantan the enthusiastic orangutan, Jabrik the fun-loving baby rhino, Momon the artistic young monster, and Putri, a playful and curious young girl.

The impact on children’s education in Indonesia is enormous. Two out of three Indonesian children watch Jalan Sesama — 7.5 million kids across the nation.1 And when kids tune in, research tells us they learn. One study concluded that children who view the series frequently improve their scores as much as 15% in many areas of knowledge, from early cognitive skills to number recognition, compared to children who don’t watch.2

Major support for Jalan Sesama is provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)and JP Morgan Chase.

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