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A prescription for healthy smiles.

Children’s Education Intiatives in the United States | Outreach | Tending to teeth…early

To promote strong, healthy teeth early on, Sesame Workshop is helping families prevent tooth decay in young children.

Healthy teeth matter –– more than many realize. Affecting about 40  to 50 percent of U.S. children by age 5, tooth decay can negatively impact school performance, social relationships, and overall health — with kids from low-income families hit the hardest.

Launching in March 2012, our Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me initiative helps put preschoolers on the path to oral health as early as age 2, with Sesame’s furry role models showing the way. This bilingual English–Spanish program emphasizes the importance of good oral health and offers easy routines for keeping teeth clean and healthy, through the use of lively print materials, DVDs, and digital media tools that families can use together.

Major funding provided by Sam’s Club Giving Program. Generous support from MetLife Foundation.