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Ready all around! Using every opportunity to prepare little learners for school.

Children’s Education Initiatives in United States | Outreach | Preparing little learners for school

Before they even step foot in the classroom, children are absorbing the knowledge they need to achieve academic success.

When kids enter kindergarten with a strong handle on basic skills — and a positive attitude about learning — they are more likely to do well throughout their education. Yet too many children reach age 5 without this critical foundation. To help more kids start their education on the right foot, we launched Happy, Healthy, Ready for School, a multiphase initiative created in partnership with PNC Bank (read more about PNC), featuring skill-building storybooks, activities, and original Sesame videos.

One multimedia outreach kit helps families prepare their children to be healthy, rested, and eager to learn on Day 1. In the video, Elmo gets ready for his first day of school with help from three special Muppets — Ready Eddie, Ready Betty, and Ready Stan — who talk about “eating a healthy breakfast” and “getting a good night’s sleep.” In another phase of the program, bilingual Learning Is Everywhere kits empower parents to turn virtually anything into a fun learning experience. By transforming ordinary objects, such as bowls or boxes, into educational tools, parents can turn playtime with their children into learning time. And school readiness naturally follows.

Major support for Happy, Healthy, Ready for School is provided by PNC.