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Tackling an education challenge, starting with teachers.

Children’s Education Intiatives in Ghana | Teacher Initiative

In a country where almost half of the population is younger than 18, teachers have an enormous opportunity to steer Ghana toward a brighter future.

One third of Ghanaian adults are currently unable to read, and the literacy rate is 20 percent lower for women than for men. To help set the next generation on a course to high-quality education, Sesame Workshop designed a program to support the professional development of teachers in low-resource private schools in Ghana. In partnership with the IDP Foundation, Inc., Sesame Workshop introduced an innovative teacher training program in spring 2012 that mixes classroom savvy with Muppet sparkle. The goal: to empower educators with practical strategies proven to help students learn.

Central to the program are training modules that showcase exemplary teaching practices for the West African classroom. Each video module is introduced by a Ghanaian teacher host and two lovable Muppets, Kami and Zobi. Created with input from local children’s education experts, the videos provide essential guidance on topics such as time management, positive discipline, and child-centered approaches to learning.

To spread the benefit to schools throughout the country, Sesame Workshop conducted five master training workshops across Ghana, supported by educators’ guides, DVDs, and classroom materials that reinforce key messages. It’s the kind of direct investment in education that can set an entire generation on course for success.

Major funding and support is provided by IDP Foundation, Inc., a private grantmaking non-profit institution. Project materials are distributed through the IDP Rising Schools Program, a Foundation program that supports low-resource private schools.