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Empowering families with particularly limited resources to make healthy food choices.

Children’s Education Initiatives in the United States | Coping with hunger

Small budgets and healthy eating can make for a challenging recipe, but our Food for Thought outreach kit gives parents the confidence that it can be done.

In the U.S., about 15 percent of all families do not receive enough food to meet their basic needs due to a lack of financial resources, and an estimated 17 million children —  nearly 1 in 4 — experience hunger. Of these, more than half (9.6 million) are under the age of 6. For these children, hunger can have lifelong consequences: for their overall health, growth, and development, as well their readiness for school.

As part of our Healthy Habits for Life initiative, Sesame Workshop created Food for Thought: Eating Well on a Budget. This bilingual outreach program brings much-needed support and education to families coping with uncertain access to nutritious food. Through a DVD, family activities, and online resources, Sesame friends share nutrition advice and practical strategies for stretching a tight food budget — from freezing leftovers to visiting food pantries. A one-hour primetime special, Growing Hope Against Hunger, created with the generous support of Walmart, brings these messages to families across the nation. Through a partnership with United Healthcare and the Merck Foundation, 400,000 outreach kits are now being distributed to those most at risk. And plans are under way to expand the program even further, reaching families no matter where they live. Learn more about our latest plans.

Major support provided by UnitedHealthcareMerck Company Foundation, and Walmart.