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Weathering economic woes with a little less...and more of what matters.

Children’s Education Initiatives in the United States | Outreach | Facing financial challenges as a family

When parents tighten their belts, children feel the pinch. These days, that’s happening far too frequently as families deal with job loss, unemployment, and economic uncertainty.

Today, 2 out of 3 middle-class families are at high risk of losing or not sustaining their economic security. When moms and dads struggle to make tough financial decisions, home can be a stressful place for young children. Family values, such as spending time together, playing, and sharing are harder to maintain. That’s why Sesame Workshop created Families Stand Together, a bilingual multimedia kit made to bring kids and parents together as they cope with difficult changes.

Kits include educational DVDs, storybooks, activities, and a caregiver’s handbook full of good advice about spending time as a family, practical ways to stay afloat, and how to answer children’s questions. In our primetime special aired on PBS and at community screenings, real kids and families drive home that everyone is going through hard times. Parents who watched reported feeling less ashamed and more hopeful. The accompanying outreach materials are a starting point for honest conversations about changing finances, how family activities will be impacted, and what really matters: spending more time together.

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