Sesame Street is introducing a fun and fresh face to the neighborhood! “Nina,” a young bilingual Hispanic woman, uses her wit, compassion and charisma to help the furry residents of Sesame Street solve their daily dilemmas, providing a positive role model for preschoolers.

Sesame Street is constantly evolving and has a long-standing history of modeling a diverse community. As producers took note of changing demographics in the United States, it was important to represent this diversity in the new addition to the cast. Played by Suki Lopez, “Nina” is a college student and is very excited to have moved to Sesame Street where she works at the bike store. She’s a tinkerer, a builder and a fixer, and has a special relationship with Rosita. Her natural curiosity allows her to come up with out-of-the box solutions to Elmo and the gang’s problems, modeling creative problem-solving strategies.