Big Bird appears on the cover of Time.

Sesame Street receives the George Foster Peabody Award, three Emmys and the Prix Jeunesse award.

The first Sesame Street original cast album is released on Columbia Records.  It wins a Grammy award.

Children’s Television Workshop opens field offices in inner-city and rural areas across the country.

The Sesame Street cast tours 14 cities to encourage viewership by children and their parents.

Sesame Street magazine debuts.


Maria and Luis bring bilingual education to their Fix-It Shop.

Snuffleupagus makes his Sesame Street debut.  He teaches adults that encouragement is important for children.


Count von Count first appears on Sesame Street.

Linda Bove, a founding member of the National Theater of the Deaf, teaches sign language.

The first international Sesame Street co-production Vila Sésamo debuts in Brazil.

Mexico’sSesame Streetco-production,Plaza Sésamo, premieres and features Abelardo, a parrot who loves to solve problems and learn new things. Plaza Sésamo focuses on literacy, diversity and gender equity.


Sesamstrasse, the German Sesame Street co-production, debuts and emphasizes the importance of creative play, the value of respect for self and others and appreciating different environments.

Sesame Street Canada debuts.

Biff and Sully, construction workers who simplify hard concepts, are Sesame Street’s newest Muppets™.


Sesame Street airs on 250 American television stations and in 41 countries worldwide.

Harvard University’s Gerald Lesser, a CTW educational advisor, publishes Children and Television: Lessons from Sesame Street.

Sesame Street’s float makes its first appearance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


The Smithsonian Institute exhibits Bert and Ernie.


Sesamstraat, The Netherlands’ co-production of Sesame Street, premieres and highlights important social and emotional lessons for Dutch children.

Olivia, a photographer, moves to Sesame Street and is a new role model for girls.


A Kermit the Frog balloon is added to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Sesame Street travels to Hawaii to help children learn about and appreciate differences and diversity among people.


Barkley the Dog joins the cast of Sesame Street.

Sesame Street Fever spoofs the disco craze.

CTW’s Community Education Services division establishes the 10th Sesame Street center for the children of inmates in the Kirkland, South Carolina prison.

Maria visits her family in Puerto Rico.  Six episodes are filmed on location in San German.

Children learn about ethnic diversity, deafness and sign language, dental care and exercise.  Science segments ask, “What’s alive?” and “What’s inside?”

Big Bird visits the White House to attend a children’s diplomatic holiday reception.

1, Rue Sésame, France’s Sesame Street co-production, premieres with a focus on poetry, art and music.


Kermit the Frog hosts The Tonight Show.

A Sesame Street co-production in Kuwait, Iftah Ya Simsim, introduces cultural traditions, legends and history.

Barrio Sésamo  (Castilian)/ Barri Sèsam  (Catalan) launches in Spain.