Twilight Breaking Cookie

Executive Function Goals: Self-Control, Flexible Thinking

Shortbreadward (Cookie Monster) is a yumpire with a cookie thirst he can’t control. Belly is a girl who loves him. Bacob, a baker, is very upset when he finds out that Shortbreadward asked Belly to marry him, since he loves Belly too. He says to Belly that Shortbreadward has the cookie thirst, and he’ll never be able to control himself and will eat all of Belly’s cookies! Bacob suggests that Shortbreadward learn to control himself – he needs a strategy. Shortbreadward eventually learns to control himself and doesn’t eat the cookies – not even a crumb! Belly and Shortbreadward get married, but when Belly sees the cookie wedding cake that Bacob has baked for them, she can’t control herself! She has become a yumpire, just like Shortbreadward.


Nosh of the Titans

Executive Function Goals: Self-Control, Working Memory, Flexible Thinking

Fursius (Cookie Monster), son of Zeus, journeys far with his loyal friend, Pegafish, to reach his father at Mount Olympus Diner. However, one thing stands in their way:
Moo-dusa. If you look right at her, you freeze in your tracks! Moo-dusa tells Fursius and Pegafish that they cannot get by her until they pass her test – Fursius must remember under which of three lids her pet snakes’ favorite snake cakes are located. Fursius is focused and up for the challenge, but Moo-dusa keeps tricking him! Eventually Fursius is focused, he remembers, and he finds the snake cakes!


When Cookie Met Sally

Executive Function Goals: Self-Control, Imagination, Flexible Thinking

Cookie Monster and Sally knew each other long ago, and reunite when they run into each other in a NYC deli. Cookie bursts in and cuts the line to get his lunch. Sally tells Cookie that he can’t do that- there’s a line! He needs to wait his turn. Cookie tells Sally that he is hungry! Sally explains that everyone is hungry, and everyone needs to wait their turn. Waiting his turn is very hard, but Sally has strategies to help him wait. They play Patty Cake and I Spy. Cookie is having fun and the strategy is working until he spies the salamis hanging above the counter. He tries to rush the counter again, but Sally stops him and reminds him to control himself. Cookie Monster tries playing pretend this time, and before he knows it, it’s his turn! Cookie and Sally become friends and sit down to eat dessert together, as an interested onlooker proclaims, “I’ll have what they’re having.”


Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies

Executive Function Goals: Self-Control, Working Memory, Flexible Thinking, Classification

Cookie Wizard, Furry Potter learns from Professor Crumblemore that there is a goblet full of cookies, but if he wants it, he must listen carefully to Professor Crumblemore’s directions and complete three sorting tasks. In the first task, Furry Potter needs to sort red cookies into the red jar and green cookies into the green jar. Furry Potter listens carefully and completes the task correctly, but he suddenly then finds himself entangled in a spider web! Professor Crumblemore tells Furry Potter he will now need to sort the red cookies into the green jar and the green cookies into the red jar. Furry Potter doesn’t listen carefully and sorts the cookies incorrectly. Furry Potter finally sorts the cookies correctly and moves on to the final challenge. He must sort frog cookies into the green jar and dragon cookies into the red jar. Furry Potter realizes that he may not have listened carefully enough and he asks Professor Crumblemore to repeat the directions again. He listens carefully and thinks about how the rule has changed again – this time it’s not about the color of the cookie, it’s about the shape of the cookie. Furry Potter sorts them correctly! The goblet falls to the ground, and Furry Potter is able to do his favorite part of cookie magic: making the cookies disappear by eating every last one!


Star S’mores

Executive Function Goals: Self-Control, Flexible Thinking, Imagination

In a cookies and milky way galaxy, far, far away…Princess Parfaita is taken prisoner by the evil galactic empire. A team of unlikely heroes assembles to save her: Luke Piewalker, Flan Solo (Cookie Monster), and his partner, Chewy, the cookie. Flan Solo is shocked that his partner would be a cookie, and immediately tries to eat Chewy! Luke Piewalker stops him in time, and tells Flan Solo that he needs to control himself or they’ll never get to the princess in time. The heroes seek the advice of their wise mentor, Only One Cannoli, for a strategy to help Flan Solo control himself. The heroes then seek out their wiser and more wrinkled mentor, Groda, for a different strategy. The heroes then come to face their ultimate villain: Darth Baker. Luke Piewalker is disappointed that they are out of mentors, and wishes his father were there to help them. It is then, in an interesting twist, that Darth Baker proclaims that he is Luke’s father! Darth Baker proceeds to give Flan Solo a new strategy. He encourages him to pretend the cookie is something else – something he doesn’t want to eat. Flan Solo gives it a try and pretends that Chewy is his granny. He can control himself because he would never eat his granny! They continue on and rescue Princess Parfaita!


Cookie of Oz

Executive Function Goals: Working Memory, Self-Control, Flexible Thinking, Following Directions, Visual Discrimination

Dorothy (Cookie Monster) is on the search for the Cookie of Oz. She comes upon Glindigestion, the good witch of the lower intestine, who tells Dorothy that if she wants to find the Cookie of Oz, she needs to listen and follow three directions: follow the chocolate chip road, do the opposite of what the Cookie Tin Man says, and go through the green door. Overwhelmed by so many directions, Dorothy asks how she can remember them all. Glindigestion suggests that Dorothy use a magical memory chant, a strategy where you take words from each direction and say them over and over again to help you remember. Along the way she meets the Cookie Tin Man, who points Dorothy in the direction of the cookie of Oz. As Dorothy starts out in that direction, she repeats her memory chant and remembers that she is supposed to do the opposite of what the Cookie Tin Man says. Dorothy then sets off on the opposite path and encounters a set of three doors. Dorothy immediately tries to enter the red door but she repeats her memory chant once more and remembers that she must enter the green door. Dorothy finds the Cookie of Oz! When she attempts to grab it, the cookie disappears. Glindigestion magically appears and tells Dorothy that the cookie of Oz has been with her the whole time – on her feet! Dorothy looks down to see that her shoes are made of cookies.