4501: School for Chickens

Elmo helps Professor Buck Awe, played by Saturday Night Live’s Taran Killam, teach a class of chickens using strategies he learned in preschool.


4502: Bert’s Training Wheels

Luis and Ernie help Bert gain the confidence to ride his bike without training wheels after they break.


4503: Proud to be Me

Mando, Chris and Leela help Segi see that being brown is snazzy when she becomes upset after reading a book about her favorite character.


4504: Numeric Con

A Comic Con-like number convention, with number-inspired superheroes like Fiverine, The Dark Nine, Doctor Two, Cap-ten Kirk and many more, comes to Sesame Street and Elmo helps solve problems using math.


4505: The Enthusiastic Penelope Penguin

Chris helps Penelope, an overly excited penguin, learn how to control herself and make new friends.


4506: Number 15’s Quinceañera

Abby and Zoe learn how to compromise and give Number 15 the best quinceañera ever.


4507: A Bicycle Built for Two

Luis and Telly follow a diagram of a bicycle and build the perfect sized bicycle for Little Chicken.


4508: Ernie’s Dance Video

Ernie changes his plan of making a dance video with everyone on Sesame Street as new steps are added.


4509: If Me Had That Wand

Cookie Monster is tempted to take Abby’s wand so he can use magic to make different kinds of cookies, but Alan helps him think about how Abby would feel if he took her wand.


4510: Calm Down and Think, Elmo

Alan helps Elmo calm down and think so he can answer questions in order to win a brand new bicycle horn.


4511: Peter Piper’s Purpose

Telly helps Alan pick pickled peppers for each customer, while Peter Piper tries to find something more pizzazz-ier to do.


4512: Big Bird Loses His Nest

Chris encourages Big Bird to speak up and express how he feels when Minnie Mynah takes his nest. They also help Minnie learn that sometimes there are different rules to follow, depending on where or who you are.


4513: Waiting for the Present

Rosita needs to learn how to control herself and wait to open her present from Elmo.


4514: Oscar’s Trash Savings Plan

Oscar learns to resist spending his trash, despite “thrift shop” temptations from Mucklemore, played by Macklemore, and save it for a special grouch instrument.


4515: Stinky’s First Day of Preschool

Stinky is anxious about Chris leaving him at preschool. Elmo, the teacher and Chris give Stinky strategies to help Stinky calm down and remember that Chris will be back.


4516: Oscar’s Clean Tuxedo

Leela and Elmo remember and recreate three of the yuckiest stains on Oscar’s tuxedo.


4517: Elmo the Grouch

When Elmo doesn’t feel like himself, Oscar tries to convince him that he’s turning into a Grouch. But Chris helps explain that everyone can have different types of feelings and those feelings come and go.


4518: Friendship Day

Zoe learns to be careful with the words she uses after hurting Elmo’s feelings over their friendship dance.


4519: Chaos at Hooper’s Store

Alan and Telly use math to figure out how to take care of The Old Lady Who Lives in a Shoe’s 12 kids when she drops them off.


4520: Bert’s Sign Painting Challenge

Chris helps Bert calm down as he struggles with letters that look similar while trying to pass Vincent Van Stop’s, played by Josh Gad, sign painting test.


4521: Papa Bear Goes to Preschool

Papa Bear learns that school rules are different from rules at home when he volunteers at Baby Bear’s preschool. (With a special guest appearance by Jane Krakowski.)


4522: Jack B. Nimble Can’t Sit Down

Chris and Elmo help Jack B. Nimble stay in his seat and pay attention so they can all watch the movie. (With a special guest appearance by Jack McBreyer.)


4523: Upside-down Nursery Rhymes

Mother Goose, played by Tina Fey, rewrites some of her famous rhymes to help her characters work through their feelings.


4524: Abby Schools in Cool

Mando and Abby help Rosita, Elmo, and Telly see the value of being themselves and doing things that make them happy.


4525: Grover Does it All

Mando helps Grover slow down and focus when he tries to do too many activities at the same time.


4526: Everyday Magic

Telly and Abby discover the ‘magic’ of using everyday objects as tools to help solve problems around Sesame Street.