a spoof of the television show Homeland.

To help discover if Brody is or is not the Big Bad Wolf, the sheep agents compare him to a picture of a real sheep.


“Sons of Poetry”
a spoof of the television show Sons of Anarchy.

The Sons of Poetry help finish a poem by coming up with words that rhyme with “blue.”


a spoof of a hidden camera–style show.

A hidden camera show pops up on Sesame Street to try and catch bad manners in action.


“Pogo Games”
a spoof of the Olympics that includes a look-a-like puppet of the famous gymnastics coach, Bela Karolyi.

Telly trains with a famous pogo coach to help him win at the Pogo Games. He learns that he just needs to believe in himself to do his best.


“Simon Says”
a spoof of the game Simon Says.

Telly has to practice paying attention, listening and controlling himself to prepare for a Simon Says competition starring Peter Dinklage as “Simon.”


“Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”
a spoof song of the famous Marshmallow Test conducted by Dr. Walter Mischel.

Cookie Monster uses strategies to help control himself from eating a cookie.

“Judy and the Beast”
a spoof of the story Beauty and the Beast.

Judy needs to find the perfect, unique beast for her story. She tries out many, but finds that a horse is just right for the job.