New Family Play App

From the producers behind Sesame Street and game developer Hide & Seek comes a brand new app called Family Play that will serve up the perfect game for the entire family. The grownup tells Family Play where they are, what’s around them, how they’re feeling and how many people are playing, and Sesame Street’s furry friends find the perfect game for everyone to play. With a database of over 100 original games that are tagged by character, curriculum, location and mood, the app helps parents play with their kids wherever they are — on a bus, in the park, at home or on the potty. This app is a way to explore intergenerational play, using mobile devices as a touch point for interacting in real life and building togetherness around games. Family Play also connects grownups with Sesame Street content, exclusively for parents. Parents will have access to Sesame Street celebrity content, recipes, parenting tips, show information and more.

New Web Games

New Cookie Monster games on and will be available for both desktop computers and iOS/Android tablets. On, kids will steer Cookie Monster as he drives and races along different learning-themed roads to see how many laps they can complete before the cookie crumbles! Kids will need to remember, listen and follow directions as they race against the crumbling cookie in a variety of exciting executive function learning-based tracks! Preschoolers will be able to build their own cart, select from three different tracks and collect special power-ups that will aid them along the way. On, kids will be able to play self- regulation-themed games based on three new “Cookie’s Crumby Pictures” segments from the show, and even more new games will be available on in the coming months.