Carmen Osbahr

Carmen Osbahr, originally from Mexico City, performs Rosita, Ovejita and other characters. She began her relationship with Sesame Street in 1987 when she met Jim Henson. She appeared on various television shows for Televisa (Mexico City), including The Treasure of Knowledge, Xe-Tu and The Songs of Cri-Cri, a special starring Placido Domingo. Osbahr was also part of the Plaza Sésamo team before moving to New York.

In 1988, Osbahr officially became a Jim Henson Muppet™ performer, working for Sesame Street, City Kids, Dog City, Aliens in the Family, Between the Lions and Bear in the Big Blue House. Osbahr’s other credits include Kiki in The Puzzle Place, a role in The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland and Lily in Disney’s Johnny and the Sprites. Her most recent work includes Sesame Workshop’s Talk Listen Connect outreach programs with military families. She recently traveled with the USO to military bases around the world visiting children and families. In 2010, Osbahr became an American citizen, largely because of her relationship with the military families initiative and the respect and love that she has for them and the country.

She lives in Connecticut with her husband and son.