“The Voice”
A spoof of the television show, The Voice.

Three judges are searching for “the voice,” but keep mistaking it for sounds made by other parts of the body.

“Birdwalk Empire”
A spoof of the television show, Boardwalk Empire.

The ducks and the chickens are fighting over who walks the right way on the Birdwalk. They decide to make up a brand new walk that they can do together.

“Five By”
A spoof of the song “Drive By” by Train.

The band Train, Elmo and The Count sing about finding the right amount.

“Eye of the Potato”
A spoof of the song “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

Telly trains Elmo to become a hot potato champion to the song “Eye of the Potato” in the episode “The Good Sport.”

Donald Glover on Sesame Street

“Figure It Out Baby”
A spoof of the group LMFAO.

The rock star, LMNOP, played by Donald Glover, is performing on Sesame Street, but his equipment is in the wrong town! The gang helps build and design replacements so the show can go on.

“Upside Downton Abbey”
A spoof of the television show, Downton Abbey.

Everything in Upside Downton Abbey keeps falling to the ceiling. They solve the problem by changing the name to Right Side Upton Abbey and turning everything right side up.

“Trashgiving Day”
A spoof of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Oscar is in charge of the Trashgiving Day Parade, which celebrates the grouchiest holiday of the year- Trashgiving Day.

“Porridge Art”
A spoof of Quaker Oats cereal and the Quaker Oats Man.

Baby Bear has to create porridge art that shows the Quaker Duck Man. He learns about different art forms and consistencies of mixtures.