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Sesame Place® Theme Park Expansion FAQs

1. Why is Sesame Workshop expanding the number of its theme parks?

We are very excited that we are going to be expanding the number of Sesame Place theme parks in the United States. Currently, we have one very successful theme park in Langhorne, PA, and we think there is the opportunity to have more. Theme parks allow Sesame Street’s legions of fans to directly connect with their favorite characters, and by growing the number of Sesame Place theme parks, Sesame Workshop can engage many more preschoolers and their families. This will also help to provide additional funding for Sesame’s nonprofit mission and activities around the world, which would not otherwise be possible.

2. How did you choose your partner?

Sesame Workshop and SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. have been partners together in the Sesame Place theme park for 37 years.  The SeaWorld Entertainment management team that operates Sesame Place understands the Sesame Street brand very well and does a great job at running the park.  They are an ideal team to expand and build new Sesame Place theme parks with.

3. What diligence did you do regarding animal welfare practices?

We believe that animal welfare is very important and Sesame Place theme parks do not include animal interactions or experiences. Before extending our partnership, we discussed the SeaWorld theme parks’ animal welfare practices and policies with their new management team. We also spoke with the Humane Society of the United States, which is working closely with SeaWorld and told us that they are very supportive of the steps and direction that the SeaWorld theme parks are taking regarding animal welfare. The SeaWorld theme parks are also accredited by the American Zoological Association.





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