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What is MCEC?
The Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes partnerships and provides for networking of military installations and their supporting school districts. Their focus is to address transition and other educational issues related to the military-connected child, including active duty, National Guard, and Reserves. MCEC seeks to include all military installations, their supporting schools, concerned organizations, and caring individuals.

Our Background
With membership world-wide, MCEC serves the 1.8 million military-connected children through a network of school systems and military installations.

Our Objectives
The mission of MCEC is to address the transition and other educational needs of children in military-connected families. Children of active military personnel often face frequent moves or separation from family members. On average, these children transition from six to nine times from kindergarten through high school graduation. Transitions between schools raise issues such as transferability of student records, course grades, credit hours and the different test requirements of various states. Parental absences raise additional concerns, as well. Through the establishment of partnerships and networks between schools and military installations, MCEC is establishing support systems for students and parents and transition processes for schools and the children they serve.
Children of Guard and Reserves become .suddenly military. due to mobilization or deployment of a parent. They often lack the support structure of being located near an installation. MCEC is committed to establishing support systems to assist these young people and their families.


  • Chart Your Course©
    A three-part guide to academic success for students in middle and high school, with a wide range of resources for military children and their parents
  • Getting Your Ducklings in a Row©
    A guide for vaccination and age requirements for kindergarten and first grade
  • Preparing for the Journey©
    A comprehensive resource for parents of children, from preconception through the second grade, with a wide range of resources for military parents
  • The Military Parent's Guide to No Child Left Behind©
    Provides parents with information, tips and resources regarding NCLB
  • How communities can support the children and families of those serving in the National Guard or Reserves©
    Assists educators and community members in gaining an understanding of the unique challenges for the children of the Guard and Reserves
  • How to prepare your children and stay involved in their education during deployment©
    Provides help for parents and educators in supporting children during the stressful time of deployment of a parent

*To order any of the above publications, access the MCEC Store on the Web site

Professional Development Institutes

  • Transition Counselor Institute© (TCI)
    An institute that prepares school counselors and other educators to recognize and address school transition issues that impact highly mobile military students
  • Supporting the Children and Families of Guard and Reserves Institute©
    An institute designed to establish support structures for children of Guard and Reserves
  • Special Education Leaders Institute© (SELI)
    Assists educators in understanding the challenges of students with special needs as they transition from school to school
  • Student to Student Institute© (S2S)
    Equips a team of students and staff from a school for training others in their school on students in transition


  • Education Resource Center©
    MCEC Web site resource on testing require-ments and available resources for all states, DoDEA, and Washington D.C.
  • Interactive Counseling Center™ (ICC)
    A full-featured video conferencing system that provides secure, real-time communication and authorized records sharing between schools

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