Character Bios

The Core Cast

There are six main characters that make up the core company. Each of these characters has a singular magical ability to produce, control, manipulate and play with words and letters.

Keith Watson

Keith Watson is a 13-year-old upbeat, cool kid who is confident, optimistic, open and charming. He is comfortable with kids and adults and has remarkable political skills for one so young. He’s a natural negotiator. His literacy superpower is the ability to create pictures from words; he can turn any graphic text into an animated drawing, allowing us to visualize vocabulary in quick, fun doses. He can also sing and dance, but sometimes Keith’s enthusiasm can get him into trouble.
Jessica Ruiz


Jessica Ruiz is a young teenager and a natural problem solver. She is gutsy, and, despite her youth, she isn’t going to take any guff from the bad guys. She can dance and she can rap (in both Spanish and English). Jessica’s literacy superpower is total aural recall; she can replay and display in text anything that is said. Even though Jessica’s brother, Hector, is 7 years older, Jessica likes to act like the big sister, which can often drive him nuts.

Hector Ruiz

Hector Ruiz is a 20-year-old junior at the local community college who loves technology. This supercharged Latino, with the boy band voice and moves, is a healthy risk-taker. Jessica and Hector occasionally slip into a little Spanish together. Hector’s literacy superpower is the ability to visually recall in minute detail anything that has occurred around him, and he can zero in on unnoticed details that can lead to important information that helps with solving problems. Hector is slightly vain and is somewhat obsessed with his appearance.

Lisa Heffenbacher

Lisa Heffenbacher is a high school student who is quirky, funny and full of life. She is a collector of words who playfully competes with Hector to find the best (or funniest) word in any situation. Easily distracted, Lisa tends to be accident prone. Her superpower is the ability to solve any word problem at super-human speed; be it an anagram, a rebus or any form of text that has been altered by our villains. She’s a dynamic singer, but dancing is a challenge she is a bit of a klutz.


Shock is a contemporary Buster Keaton with a wide-open sweetness and a relentless imagination. Shock works in the Electric Diner and occasionally helps in the decoding of words there. He does so without skipping a beat, in fact as a vocal percussionist, he often provides the beat. He does not always directly participate in solving the problems of the Electric Company, but when we see him out in the neighborhood, his presence will often have accidental positive or negative effects. But positive or negative, he is a reliable device in comic relief. In the interstitials, his freestanding segments help drive home the curriculum of the show.


Leo Watson runs The Electric Diner, which serves as headquarters for The Electric Company, and is Keith’s dad. He is a hands-on father, cool but firm, and has a beautiful voice.

The Prankster

Like our core characters, the pranksters have individualized special powers. They have unique ways of altering words and creating mayhem in the neighborhood. With varying ages between 17-20 years old, these villains are driven not by greed, but instead motivated by the sheer joy of being naughty and creating chaos.Danny Rebus


Danny Rebus leaves riddles in rebus form, creating havoc within the neighborhood and the people in it. He is super touchy and offended by the most innocuous perceived transgression. His good traits are that he’s a whiner, a grudge-holder and an all around bitter pill.

Manuel "Manny" SpamboniManuel "Manny" Spamboni
is a tech whiz who hacks and builds gizmos to thwart our heroes. What he lacks in social graces and regular hygiene habits, Manny makes up for with his tech savvy and unquenchable desire to triumph over The Electric Company. He rides a tricked out bicycle, which is basically an FBI crime lab with ten speeds and a banana seat, and any change in The Electric Company’s reputation is a cause for pure delight.

Annie Scrambler


Annie Scrambler is sworn to create chaos by scrambling text in the neighborhood. Don’t let the sugary exterior fool you, this bon bon has a toxic center. She is an impish time bomb who will lull you into a false sense of security and throw your world into chaos by scrambling information, messages and even eggs.

 Francine Carruthers

Francine Carruthers
is a power mad teenager obsessed with popularity and wants to be the president of The Electric Company. She has the basic letter throwing skills that members of the Company also possess. Desperate for attention, she has an artistic streak and will do whatever she can to make certain her creative expressions are noticed. She leaves clues in the form of rhyming poems and has a secret crush on Hector.

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