Website Overview

The new Web site at invites kids to experience the world of The Electric Company within an interactive environment.The Web site blends elements of popular kid-friendly internet applications like YouTube, MySpace, and American Idol, and allows kids to create, share and rate each others' video creations as well as decorate their own profile pages.  Kids will also be able to play educational games, based on the curriculum featured in each episode, and win points in support of their favorite The Electric Company characters. The site will stream full episodes, Web exclusive behind the scenes segments, cast interviews, outtakes, bloopers and celebrity clips. In addition, extensive downloadable outreach materials will be available to support the TV series and supplement the curriculum that parents, caregivers and teachers will be encouraged to use.

Site Features

website bulletPersonalized Page - Kids will be able to personalize their own profiles with backgrounds and stickers collected on the site. The page showcases any mash-up videos or songs that they create on the site, while allowing them to store their favorite video clips, pictures, and songs from the show. Their favorite character and collected prizes are all displayed on the profile page.
website bulletOvergame - Kids will play games to win points in support of their selected favorite character – which could change at any point if desired. Kids will see the total points they have earned for each character added to the character’s universal point tally as well as to their own total point tally. Earning points for a character creates a sense of community among fans and the excitement of an unpredictable competition beyond the narrative of the show.
website bulletVideo Mash-Up Tool - Kids will use video clips, graphics and songs from the show to create their own music videos, character tributes and stories. Mash-ups are displayed in the gallery for all users on the site to watch and rate.
website bulletCurriculum Games - Seven Electric Challenge games allow kids to play and earn points with new versions of the games added every time an episode airs. Games include word-based challenges, animations and interactive characters from the site. The Shock beatbox studio allows kids to mix word sounds with beats to create their own audio track.
website bulletCharacter Profiles and Video Greetings - The Electric Company cast lives on every page of the site, guiding kids through the various areas of each section with live-action video. Kids can learn more about their favorite characters by viewing their profiles which contain original video footage.
website bulletFacilitators & Parents Area

website bulletManuscripts (all artwork, worksheets, guidebooks and comic book lessons) will be featured in downloadable formats.
website bulletA parent’s overview to the show provides information in text, audio and slideshow formats.
website bulletUsers can view the show schedule and find their local PBS channel.

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