Outreach Overview

In addition to recognizing the power of media, Sesame Workshop has always extended its educational content into the community through engaging outreach programs.

The goal of The Electric Company outreach program is to service at-risk first – third graders through community partnerships while enriching their literacy skills, self expression and motivation.

Through the use of television, internet and literacy focused programs, The Electric Company outreach experience is created for children and the community to challenge and engage themselves with a variety of activities supporting this 360 degree approach.

The outreach kit will be available for teachers to use as supplementary classroom materials and for out-of-school time and community programs. Efforts will be supported in communities through local partnerships with several national organizations including: The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Urban Libraries Council, National Council of La Raza, National Urban League and others.

The Electric company outreach program will include:

outreach bulletThe Electric Company Outreach Kit - a DVD with episode content, a CD with downloadable activity sheets, and a printed guide with instructions and games.
outreach bulletThe Electric Company Magazinea literacy publication that will contain activities, interviews, character and comic elements and trading cards to foster learning and self-expression.
outreach bulletThe Electric Company Circuit TourCommunity outreach events organized in at-risk markets that will include hands-on literacy activities and an interactive The Electric Company stage show.
outreach bulletThe Electric Company Outreach Orientation – Programs targeting PBS member station outreach staff with a train-the-instructor format for consistent community usage.

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