“G,” a spoof of the television show Glee and Journey’s song, “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

To prepare for G-gionals, the G Club members sing a song about the letter G and the two letter sounds it makes.


“Spidermonster,” a spoof of the Broadway show Spiderman: Turn off the Dark.

Grover is starring in “Spidermonster: The Musical,” but can’t figure out how to fly. Fat Blue teaches him all about pulleys and ends up flying himself.

“The Heaviest Catch,” a spoof of the television show The Deadliest Catch.

Captain Heartburn and his crew weigh each thing they catch to try to find the heaviest catch.


“Ate My Red Two,” a spoof of Elvis Costello’s song “(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes.”

Elvis Costello and Elmo sing a song about how fun it would be to count up to ten, except they can’t because Cookie Monster keeps eating Elvis’ red number two.

rocco's boat

“Rocco’s Boat,” a spoof of the Hues Corporation song “Rock the Boat.”

Elmo and Zoe try to figure out how to make Zoe’s pet rock, Rocco, float. Leela helps them experiment with different materials until they design the perfect boat. Elmo and Zoe sing “Rocco’s Boat.”

“The Shape-O-Bots,” a spoof of the movie and cartoon Transformers.

Telly, Rosita and Elmo reprise their "Helper Bot" characters and use their shape-shifting abilities to help a Sesame Street visitor, played by Andy Samberg, in need of missing shapes.


“Cast Iron Cooks,” a spoof of the television show Iron Chef.

Chris and Elmo help Alan compete in challenges to become the “Cast Iron Cook,” which guest stars Jason Schwartzman as Super Chef.


“Letter R Mystery,” a spoof of the television show CSI.

Things that start with the letter R are disappearing all over Sesame Street. Luckily there's a vacationing detective, played by Adam Rodriguez, on the case! The Sesame Street friends help him find the letter R.