Season 42 Murray’s Science Experiments

This season of Sesame Street introduces a new interstitial featuring the excitable, inquisitive and furry orange monster, Murray. At the beginning of each show, Murray poses a scientific question and sets up an experiment to find the best answer. With help from some friends, Murray observes, investigates and discovers the answers to his question! “Murray’s Science Experiments” further the season’s STEM curriculum focus and help preschoolers become excited about these subjects.

Some of the questions Murray and his friends answer are:

  • How does the design of a toy car change the distance it rolls?
  • How does the shape of a boat help it to float?
  • How does the design of a kite change the way it moves in the air?
  • How does the number of fins on a rocket change the distance it flies?
  • How do you design a bridge to hold a lot of weight?