4257Failure to Launch Curriculum Goal: STEM

Hubert the Human Cannonball comes to Sesame Street to be launched out of a cannon, across the yard and into a bucket of blue gelatin. He sets up in the arbor and takes out a ruler so he can make sure the bucket is exactly five feet from the cannon. After Baby Bear helps him measure, Elmo and Telly help Hubert into the cannon. Then…drum roll please…there’s a poof! and Hubert tumbles out of the cannon. Baby Bear measures the distance, and, to Hubert’s dismay, he has flown zero feet. They figure out that the cannon must be broken, and then they each decide to devise other ways to launch Hubert. Finally, after several unsuccessful attempts, Baby Bear thinks he can engineer something just forceful enough, and builds a launcher for Hubert using a giant rubber band. It works! Hubert lands precisely five feet away, right into the bucket of blue gelatin – and the crowd goes wild.


4258Rocco’s Boat Curriculum Goal: STEM

Elmo is playing with his doll, Baby David, in a large washtub when Zoe comes by and asks if her pet rock, Rocco, can swim too. Elmo agrees, but when Zoe puts Rocco in the water, he immediately sinks to the bottom! Zoe suggests that if Rocco had a boat he would be able to float. Leela thinks this is a great idea for an experiment! With Leela’s help, they experiment several times and eventually become engineers and use what they’ve learned to design a boat by wrapping aluminum foil around pencils. It works! Everyone is excited as they watch Rocco float in the water!


4259The Bubblefest Curriculum Goals: Science, Technology, Math

It’s Bubblefest on Sesame Street and Alan and Chris are heading up the festivities. First, Alan and Chris announce that it is time for a Bubble Mix Mystery, which is figuring out how to make the perfect bubble mix. Next, they have to solve a Bubblefest riddle: “What’s round and wet, is something that you blow, and has all the colors of the rainbow?” Then, Alan and Chris announce a Bubblefest Pop Quiz. They place all kinds of items on a table and Elmo and Abby must figure out which ones they can use to blow bubbles with. For the Bubblefest Finale, Abby and Elmo use a hula hoop to create a bubble so big a child can fit inside! The crowd cheers and Bubblefest comes to an end.

4260Observe, Record, Annoy Curriculum Goals: Science, Technology, Math

Oscar is taking a computer class in Grouchology where the golden rule is to “Observe, Record and Annoy.” The first question that he must investigate is “What do worms like to squirm on best?”. Professor Messla, played by Jason Jones, tells him he must set up an experiment where he observes (watches closely and carefully), records (writes down what he discovers) and annoys someone while doing it. Oscar heads over to Hooper’s Store where he pours coffee grounds and olive oil all over Alan’s nice clean counter. He observes the worms in the mess, marks down what he sees on his chart and finally succeeds in annoying Alan. He concludes that most of the worms like to squirm in the olive oil. After several investigations annoying Luis, Maria and the other residents of Sesame Street, Oscar reports what he discovered in each experiment to Professor Messla and collects his stinky diploma in Grouchology.


4261The Shape-O-Bots Curriculum Goal: Math

Telly, Elmo and Rosita are playing Shape-O-Bots, robots that transform into shapes to help people. Andy, a guy in need of shapes played by Andy Samberg, rushes in and explains that he needs an octagon to help stop people from crashing into him. Telly tries to transform into an octagon with eight sides and eight angles, but instead he changes into a triangle. Rosita gives it a try and successfully transforms into an octagon, which Andy uses as a stop sign to stop people from running into him. Andy leaves but soon returns, this time in need of a pentagon, a shape with five sides and five angles. The Shape-O-Bots do their thing and, oops, Telly changes into a triangle. Elmo is able to help and transforms into a pentagon. Andy now returns one last time needing a rhombus, a shape with four sides and four angles, for the King of Rhombuses. Telly tries to transform into a rhombus, but, once again, winds up as a triangle. Rosita notices that a rhombus is actually two triangles stuck together. Chris suggests that since Telly hit his button one time to become a triangle, maybe hitting it two times will turn him into a rhombus. It works!

4262The Latinization of Marco Curriculum Goal: Social Development

Gina is reading a book to her adopted son, Marco, about the Spanish names for animals. Rosita asks what she is doing and Gina explains that since Marco was born in Guatemala, where people speak Spanish, she would like him to learn Spanish too. Rosita explains that there is so much more to learn and dashes off to get her guitar. She plays a little “guitarrra” for them and shows them more instruments – claves, maracas, guiro and a bongo – and sings a song about “musica.” Rosita then tells Gina about “baile” which is the Spanish word for dance. Rosita dances the tango, merengue and conga, and sings a fun song about other kinds of Spanish dances. Next, Rosita tells Gina and Marco all about different “comidas” which is the Spanish word for food, and Latin chefs deliver a delicious feast for them to enjoy. Rosita says that with musica, baile and comida there’s one thing you have to do – have a fiesta with your amigos!

4263Humpty Dumpty’s Big Break Curriculum Goal: STEM

Telly is very worried about Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall, but Humpty explains that he is there to watch a football game. Just as the game is about to start, one of the players from All the King’s Horses comes limping in and says he can’t play. It’s Humpty’s dream to play football, so he offers to replace him, but Telly is very worried that Humpty will break. Telly wants to help him, so he asks the question: “How do you keep an egg from breaking when he’s playing football?” A real design challenge! After several attempts, Telly finally designs padding that fits like a second shell, Humpty goes on to score a touchdown, and everyone is happy.


4264Goodbye Pacifier Curriculum Goal: Social Development

Curly Bear is unsure about giving up her binky, so Elmo tries to help. He remembers when he had a binky and how hard it was for him to say goodbye to it too. The first thing he tried was putting all his binkies in a box for Leela to give to her sister’s new baby, but he missed his binkies so much that he searched around his room and found another one. Next, he tried exchanging his binky for a stuffed bunny at Hooper’s Store, but that didn’t work and he traded it back. Baby Bear asks him how he finally gave up his binky. Elmo explains that he had a talk with Gordon about being a big monster and trying to only use his binky sometimes until he finally wouldn’t want it anymore. Then, they sang a song about saying goodbye to his binky, and at the end, Elmo was finally ready to give it up. After hearing the song, Curly Bear realizes that she is ready to say goodbye to her binky too, and hands it over to Baby Bear. Everyone is very proud of her and she feels great about her decision.

4268Elmo and the Butterfly Curriculum Goal: Science

Elmo and Telly are reading the book Fascinating Facts about Insects. First, they see two ants and learn from their book that ants never sleep. Next, they see two ladybugs and learn that ladybugs smell with their feet. When a butterfly flutters in, they wonder where his friends are and worry that he is lonely. Elmo decides to pretend to be a butterfly so he will have a friend, but the butterfly won’t come over to Elmo. Telly checks the book and learns that butterflies go through a metamorphosis, or a big change, which is made up of four stages: starting as an egg, changing into a caterpillar, then a chrysalis and finally a butterfly. Maybe if Elmo pretends to go through the four stages, the butterfly will think Elmo is a butterfly too and be his friend. It works and the butterfly flutters over and lands on Elmo. All of a sudden lots more Monarch butterflies flutter in. Telly checks the book and explains that Monarch butterflies migrate, or move, when the seasons change. The weather is just too cold on Sesame Street in the winter.

4270Letter “R” Mystery Curriculum Goal: Literacy

Detective Alfie Betts, played by Adam Rodriguez, is on vacation on Sesame Street, enjoying a plate of raisin raspberry ravioli when Telly rushes in very upset that his robot and remote are missing. Then Leela enters looking for her rake and roses. When the raisin raspberry ravioli disappears too, Detective Alfie Betts decides it’s time to investigate to find out why things keep going missing. He needs a team of detectives. Elmo and Abby quickly volunteer. By repeating the items that are missing, they realize that all of them begin with the letter R. Detective Betts is on the case!


4271Cast Iron Cooks Curriculum Goal: Cognitive Reasoning

Just as Alan finishes packing Elmo’s lunch, the lights go down, the music goes up, and Super Chef, played by Jason Schwartzman, pops up and announces that Alan has been chosen as the next challenger on “Cast Iron Cooks!” Alan is not even sure what that is, but Chris and Elmo are excited to be his assistants. The first challenge is to prepare a bowl of P Stew, which is made up entirely of ingredients that begin with the letter “P.” Elmo, Chris and Alan race around throwing p foods, like pickles, peaches and porridge into a pot. When time is up, Super Chef samples their stew. It’s horrible. Then he tries the Cast Iron Cooks’ stew, which is delicious. Just before Super Chef awards the first round to the Cast Iron Cooks, Chris finds a hat in the Cast Iron Cooks’ stew, and because hat starts with the letter H, the points go to Alan. After several hilarious challenges involving apple pies and goulash, the Cast Iron Cooks are disqualified and Alan and his assistants win again, making them the overall winners of the “Cast Iron Cooks” competition!

4272Getting Centered Curriculum Goals: Science, Technology, Math

Leela is teaching an early morning yoga class and demonstrating her version of the Flamingo Pose when Telly comes by. She explains to him that yoga is a special kind of exercise from India and all the breathing and stretching feels great. Telly wants to do The Flamingo pose, so Elmo and Rosita begin teaching him to put his arms up, then out, then leg up… but Telly falls down. Telly tries again, but keeps falling. Elmo suggests that he try lifting the other leg or letting Rosita and Elmo hold his arms until he’s balanced, but that doesn’t work either. Telly is convinced that he can’t balance because one of his elbows is heavier than the other. Elmo and Rosita give him lots of objects to hold in his hands to make his weight equal on both sides, but he keeps crashing down. Chris helps Telly try to find his balance by supporting his arms as he shifts his weight. It works! Telly happily thanks everyone for all their help. He can’t wait to practice other yoga poses too!


4274Elmozilla Curriculum Goals: Science, Math

Baby Bear, Elmo, Telly and Abby gather around a growth chart as Chris measures them and marks their height. Everyone has their own color lines on the chart and can see how much they’ve grown over time. When it’s Elmo’s turn, he sees that he grew only a little bit. He is not happy; he wants to be taller right now! First he comes in wearing a tall beehive wig, and then a pair of his mommy’s high-heeled shoes. Chris points out, that while these things do make him taller, he is still the same height. Elmo convinces Abby to grant his wish and make him taller. At first, he grows just a little taller, but thanks to Abby’s spell, he keeps growing and growing and soon he is taller than the buildings! Abby tries to shrink him, but the spell doesn’t work because Elmo loves being so big! Abby suggests they play hide and seek, but Elmo quickly learns that he is too big to find a hiding spot. Chris suggests they all go have a snack in Hooper’s, but Elmo can’t fit through the door. This makes Elmo very sad and he realizes that he wants to go back to his normal size. Abby casts the spell and super-sized Elmo goes back to being Elmo-sized Elmo.

4275Super Maria Curriculum Goal: Social Development

Gordon is busy trying to fix lots of things at 123 Sesame Street. Susan tells him that he should think about getting a superintendent. Gordon insists that he doesn’t need any help. Chris comes by to see if the doorknob is fixed yet, and tells Gordon that the window is broken, too. Chris also suggests getting a super, but again, Gordon says he doesn’t need any help. The Count comes to count all of the things that are broken, and three things become five, as the gate and the drainpipe break. The Count suggests that Gordon get a super, and Gordon gets even more frustrated. Just then, Super Grover flies in to save the day and, in the process, breaks a light. Maria and Big Bird hear the crash and hurry in to see if Gordon is okay, and the Count now counts seven broken things. Maria asks if he needs help, and Gordon finally admits that he was wrong – he does need help fixing all of the broken things. Maria gets her toolbox, and together they sing about getting it all done as they make their way through fixing everything that is broken. Gordon thanks Maria for all of her help and asks if she would like to be the super. Maria agrees, and everyone is happy.


4276The Flood Curriculum Goal: STEM

Gordon and Susan are getting ready to go to sleep after a long day when they suddenly hear water gushing. When they look out the window, they see Ernie and Bert floating by on their beds. Gordon brings Bert and Ernie inside their apartment, and as he and Susan try to settle them down to sleep, Luis and Maria tackle the water pipe leak in the basement. When Oscar pops in to “help,” he startles Maria and the valve handle falls into the water. After several failed attempts, Maria stops the leak and fixes the plumbing! Finally Ernie and Bert fall asleep as Maria and Luis come upstairs to tell everyone the good news and how Oscar helped save the day!

4277Falling Leaves Curriculum Goal: STEM

It is a windy autumn day on Sesame Street, and Chris, Elmo and Rosita hear Stinky calling out from underneath a pile of leaves. They dig him out, but he says it will just happen again since he gets covered with leaves every single day. Rosita suggests that they try to figure out which tree the leaves are coming from by comparing a leaf that fell on Stinky to leaves on some of the surrounding trees. When they discover which tree the leaf came from, Leela and Chris explain that the tree is deciduous, which means it loses its leaves every fall and grows them back every spring. Since Stinky doesn’t want to move, they all think of ways that they can protect him from the falling leaves. First Elmo and Rosita try an umbrella, but Stinky explains that it’s not good since it blocks the sunlight. Then they try a big clear bowl that will let in the sunlight, but Stinky tells them that it will keep out the raindrops that he needs. Finally they spot some mosquito netting that will let the sunlight and rain through but keep the leaves out. Using the netting, small tools and some wood, they build the perfect covering for Stinky and solve the problem!

4280Rhyming Block Curriculum Goal: Literacy

Mother Goose, played by Samantha Bee, is visiting Sesame Street. She needs to write three new nursery rhymes by the end of the day, but she fears she has become a rusty rhymer. Elmo and Abby say they are great rhymers and offer to help. Mother Goose explains that to write really good nursery rhymes, you need conflict – when someone wants something or needs something very badly. Just then Alan comes out with 13 fresh cookies and Cookie Monster is having a hard time resisting them. Mother Goose starts writing and gets stuck rhyming “plate,” but Abby comes to the rescue with the word “eight.” Mother Goose continues with her rhyme, as Cookie Monster gobbles up the cookies, but this time she can’t figure out a rhyme for “done.” Once again, Abby calls out a rhyming word – “none!” Together they come up with the rhyming words Mother Goose needs.


4281Furry Potter Curriculum Goal – Cognitive Development

It seems that everyone on Sesame Street is excitedly reading the new Furry Potter book. Telly has it too, and can’t wait to find Gordon so he can read it to him. He finds Gordon grading papers outside Hooper’s Store and anxiously asks him to read the book. Gordon agrees, but cannot find his glasses. Gordon suggests that Telly try to read the book himself, but Telly says it’s too long. Instead he goes to get help, and brings back the three little kittens from the nursery rhyme, since they know all about losing stuff. They find their mittens in Gordon’s briefcase, but Gordon’s glasses are still nowhere to be found. Gordon again suggests to Telly that he should try to read by himself, but Telly takes one look at the book and says it’s too hard. Telly finally admits that he doesn’t want to read the book by himself because it means not reading it together with Gordon. Gordon tells him they can still do that – by Telly reading the book to him, taking one word at a time. Just as Telly starts reading, Chris finds Gordon’s glasses, but Telly realizes that he likes reading to Gordon.