STEM Curriculum

It's Fun to Find Out!

Season 42 continues its focus on STEM education; encouraging children to think critically about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The curriculum is designed to build upon children’s natural sense of curiosity. Our approach to STEM education is to integrate these four domains through the following underlying processes: observing and questioning, investigating, analyzing and reporting - in order to help children become critical thinkers as they solve every day problems.

Sesame Street’s furry friends are more curious than ever about the world around them, using a hands-on, ears-on, eyes-on approach to investigating questions and finding solutions to puzzling problems. From observing the properties of bubbles to experimenting to see “what worms like to squirm on best” to engineering a boat so Zoe’s pet rock can float, Elmo and gang use the processes of scientific inquiry to make sense of their world. Ever inquisitive Murray also gets in on the action with a new series of practical experiments – How much weight will it hold? Which tool works best? Let’s find out!

Continuing Sesame Workshop’s commitment to whole-child education, the lovable characters of Sesame Street will also help kids along in their social and emotional development by teaching empathy and resilience. All kinds of complex topics become engaging lessons this season as curious young minds are encouraged to go find out!