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Cookie Monster

  • Maybe you hear rumor that me going on a diet. Not true. Me just eating healthy foods AND cookies. What wrong with dat?
  • Let’s face facts: me love cookies. Me know it, you know it, everybody know it. Let’s not play games – just gimmie cookies!!
  • Fortune cookie tricky thing – me can’t wait long enough to crack it open! Now me will never know me lucky numbers!
  • Me found hollow tree today – looked inside for elves making cookies. No such luck.
  • Me had philosophical moment: what if there no such thing as cookies? What would dat make me? Dis stuff keep me up at night.
  • Time to put end to rumors. YES, me eat vegetables. NO, not going to be called Vegetable Monster! Dis whole thing silly.
  • Me don’t know why me monster eyes move like dey do. But me will look it up online – do a Googly search.
  • Cookie sitting next to me. How long can me resist? 1 mississippi, 2 mississ– dat enough torture! Om nom nom nom!
  • Sometimes moon look like giant cookie. Must look into joining space program.
  • Recipe for cookie sandwich: take two cookies, and put cookie in between them. Garnish with sprig of parsley.
  • Me fell asleep eating cookies in bed. Me woke up feeling crummy.
  • Today me tried new food: rice cakes. Dis must be cruel joke. Dey taste NOTHING like cake!
  • Cookie haiku: Cookie, cookie, cook. Cookie, cookie, cookie, cook. Cookie, cookie, cook. (Me love poetry.)
  • Today in Hooper’s me tried cookie dough ice cream. Me never knew me could be so happy. There still tears in me eyes.
  • Ate newspaper crossword puzzle today. Gordon said it was “a piece of cake”. So me ate it. Not very moist.
  • When people take me picture, why dey tell me to say “cheese?” Me smile more if me say “cooooo-kie!”
  • People think monsters are scary. Dat a common misconception. Me not going to do anything to you! (Unless you a cookie!)


  • I had a cute little shadow, but when a cloud covered the sun my shadow went away. Conclusion: shadows are afraid of clouds!
  • I, Super Grover, vow to use my superpowers for greatness… or at least for mediocrity!
  • I am a waiter at Charlie’s restaurant, but I prefer the term “Food Services Industry Meal Facilitator.” It has a catchy ring to it.
  • It is not easy being a superhero: a life of justice, thwarting crime, fleeing from bunny rabbits. (Oh yes, they have it out for me!)
  • I tried wearing glasses today, but the milk that was inside them spilled all over my fur!
  • I, Grover, enjoy jumping as a form of exercise. Because it makes you taller. For very short amounts of time.
  • I am a blue monster. My friends Cookie Monster and Herry are blue monsters. Blue fur is all the rage! Blue is the new black!
  • Being this cute and adorable is both a blessing and a burden.
  • G makes the “Guh” sound as in “Grover,” but it also makes the “Gee” sound, as in “George.” What a fickle little letter.

Big Bird

  • The early bird catches the worm, but I’d rather sleep in and get a birdseed bagel for breakfast.
  • There are lots of birds that can’t fly: turkeys, ostriches, penguins, Larry…
  • It’s hard being 8-feet-2-inches, when lots of my friends are 2-feet-8-inches!
  • I may not be able to fly, like other birds. But how many birds do you know that can say the alphabet?


  • Someone just told Elmo yesterday was Talk in the Third Person Day. Elmo doesn't know what that is but it sounds fun. Can Elmo play?
  • Elmo’s favorite things that start with the letter F: flowers, fireworks fancy footwear, and Friday!!!
  • If anyone out there is afraid of monsters, listen to Elmo: we are not all scary! Elmo couldn’t scare you if he tried!
  • Elmo’s favorite things that start with the letter J: jellybeans! Even though they’re not really jelly. Or beans.
  • Elmo LOVES practicing on his drum. Elmo loves the loud sound it makes. Elmo’s mommy: not so much.


  • You know what I love about using your imagination? You can do anything, be anything, go anywhere! No magic required!


  • Today is Cinco de Mayo. But Oscar calls it Stinko de Mayo. What a grouch!!