Episode 4213

4213 - The Camouflage Challenge Curriculum Goal: Science

Elmo is taking pictures with his friends when they hear someone say something. It’s Camouflage Carla, played by Kyra Sedgwick! She is camouflaging and blending into the wall behind her. Elmo and Rosita want to camouflage too! Camouflage Carla tells them to join The Camouflage Club. All they have to do is pass the Camouflage Challenge and find six camouflaged things on Sesame Street in six minutes. First, they find a grasshopper that blends in with a bush. Next, they spot two butterflies that are camouflaged among the flowers. Then, they find a green lizard perched on a green leaf. Finally, they find two ladybugs camouflaged on Elmo’s red fur! Elmo takes a snapshot of each critter as they go on their adventure. At the end, they count six camouflaged things altogether. They passed the Camouflage Challenge! Carla gives each of them their very own uniform and Elmo and Rosita become full-fledged members of The Camouflage Club!

Episode 4214

4214 - Music Magic Curriculum Goals: Art and Music

Abby is showing Elmo new magic tricks when her mommy calls to remind her to return her books to the library. Abby rushes away, leaving her wand behind by mistake. Elmo, wondering if he can do magic with Abby’s wand, decides to pretend he is a music conductor. All of a sudden, everyone on Sesame Street begins singing! Bob and Gordon sing about playing chess, the children sing about playing basketball, and Baby Bear and Alan sing about porridge. Elmo realizes he can even make Baby Bear and Alan sing in different pitches by waving the wand high or low. Then he makes Chris and Leela sing about a mustard stain in both soft and loud voices. Luckily, Abby shows up and stops the music. Leela helps Elmo realize that he doesn’t need magic to get people to sing. He just needs to reach deep inside himself to find the music. When he starts singing, people will join in!

4215 - Chicken When It Comes To Thunderstorms Curriculum Goals: Science and Emotional Development

It’s a windy, overcast day on Sesame Street. Elmo, Abby, Leela, and some chickens have just won the first game of the T-Ball season. They are celebrating with Chris when they hear a loud rumble of thunder and raindrops start falling. The chickens start to panic, and everyone gathers into Hooper’s Store where it’s safe. Elmo suggests that the chickens cover their eyes so they don’t get scared by the lightning, but that doesn’t stop them from hearing the thunder. Abby waves her wand and puts earmuffs on the chickens. This time, they don’t hear the thunder but they can still see the lightning! As they continue to panic, Leela suggests that they comfort the chickens by telling them that they are safe and explain what thunderstorms are. One chicken calms down, but the other three are still scared. To help the others feel better they try watching the storm like a fireworks show, counting in between the lightning and thunder to hear the storm moving away. They also make their own lighting and thunder musical performance inside Mr. Hooper’s store. It works! The remaining three chickens calm down just as the storm fades away. The sun comes out and everyone heads back outside to play T-Ball!

4216 - There’s An App For That Curriculum Goals: Cognitive Reasoning and Emotional Development

Baby Bear is ordering a bowl of porridge at Hooper’s Store when Telly comes in bouncing on his pogo stick. As he’s practicing the boingarooni, the hardest pogo trick, Mack, the pogo salesman, bounces in and tries to sell Telly and Baby Bear an iPogo stick. With an iPogo, not only can you boing without ever falling off, you can do almost anything- make a phone call, take a picture, and cool off hot porridge! Telly agrees to exchange his old, beloved pogo stick for a brand new iPogo. When he tries it, the iPogo seems to do everything but boing. Baby Bear uses the manual to figure out that they need to press a hexagon icon to get the iPogo to boing, but when he tries that, it ejects Telly right off! Then, they try a triangle icon, but that shakes Telly like a milkshake. Telly finally does the perfect boingarooni, but is disappointed because the iPogo did it for him. Telly asks the salesman for his old pogo stick back and everyone celebrates as Telly does the boingarooni all by himself!

4217 - The Happy Scientists Curriculum Goal: Science

Gordon is grading his classes’ science experiments when Elmo, Rosita, and Telly run in and accidentally land on the papers. Gordon encourages Elmo, Rosita, and Telly that anyone, including them, can be scientists. All they need to do is to ask questions and investigate! They look around Sesame Street and see Leela giving Barkley a bath. Elmo comes up with a question: Does everyone on Sesame Street take a bath? Gordon guides them through the scientific process. First, Elmo and Rosita hypothesize, or guess, that everyone takes a bath. Telly isn’t sure that everyone takes a bath so he forms a different hypothesis. They investigate and record their observations in their journals. They find out that Chris takes a bath, a cat licks itself and takes a tongue bath, a sparrow takes a dust bath, an owl takes a sun bath to get rid of germs, and even Oscar takes a mud bath in his trash can. This makes Telly mad since his hypothesis was wrong-everyone does take a bath on Sesame Street. Gordon explains that it’s okay to be wrong in science because the most important part is the process, or the steps you take to get your answer. Telly, Rosita, and Elmo become happy scientists! They not only learn all about the scientific process, but also find an answer to their important question!

Episode 4218

4218 - Rakhi Road Curriculum Goal: Social Development

Leela is making bracelets to celebrate an Indian holiday called Rakhi, a time when sisters, brothers, and friends show how much they love each other by exchanging special bracelets, foods, and gifts. Leela already sent a bracelet to her brother, Sunil, in India and now she is expecting a bracelet from him any moment. While she waits, she helps Telly and Zoe make bracelets for their friends. Just then, a delivery person brings a box that turns out to be a sample of laundry detergent-- not her brother’s gift. Meanwhile, at Hooper’s Store, Elmo comes upon Chris who is making a bracelet for Leela. He wants to do something special for Leela since she’s feeling homesick. They decide to use the computer to learn more about Rakhi and to find some recipes for traditional Indian foods such as phirni, carrot halwa and laddoo. Now all they need is some Indian music to make the Rakhi party complete! Leela is surprised and happy to see how Chris and Elmo brought a little bit of India to Sesame Street with all of the decorations, food, and music. Everyone exchanges their bracelets and Sunil’s bracelet for Leela finally arrives in the mail! Now the Rakhi party can really begin. Everyone dances and sings about the importance of friendship and family.

4222 - Up In The Air Curriculum Goal: Science

Big Bird and Snuffy are having a playdate and jumping in the arbor to see who can stay in the air the longest. They quickly realize that they come right back down after jumping in the air. Gordon comes by and explains that they can’t stay up in the air because of gravity. They might not be able to see it, but gravity pulls everything, big and small, down to the ground. Big Bird and Snuffy watch as Gordon shows them examples of gravity by experimenting with different items such as a book, a writing pad, a ruler, and a pencil. Shortly after Gordon leaves, Big Bird and Snuffy see Abby and tell her what they have just learned. They can’t help but think how fun it would be if there wasn’t any gravity and they could float in the air. With some help from Abby’s magic, they do just that! Floating is so much fun until they try to play catch, and the ball doesn’t come down. Then, they try to play with their race car, but it floats away too. Even their sandwich floats away! Suddenly, Gordon floats toward them and calls Abby to bring back gravity so things can return to normal. With a spell and the wave of her wand, gravity returns. Big Bird and Snuffy happily return to the ground and continue their playdate!

Episode 4224

4224 - Ironing Monster Curriculum Goal: Cognitive Reasoning

Leela and Elmo are sorting laundry in the Laundromat when Grover stops by to have his Super Grover cape cleaned. Grover realizes that people all over the Laundromat need his help. Bert has soggy socks, Gina is out of fabric softener, and Cookie Monster has a stain. Without his cape, a new superhero must be born! Grover returns as Iron Monster, complete with a metal suit! Chris shows up asking Leela to break his dollar so he can do his laundry. Iron Monster misunderstands and wrestles with the dollar to “break” it. Leela comes back and explains that Chris just needs quarters&ndas; four quarters for each dollar. Gabi comes to the Laundromat with two mustard stains on her sweatshirt. Iron Monster tries to get rid of the stains by subtracting them, but adds five more stains instead! Leela shows Iron Monster how to subtract all of the stains with a stain remover as Elmo counts along. Finally, Iron Monster tries to solve Maria’s problem by using static cling to find Maria’s missing sock. After laundry goes flying everywhere, Leela suggests they check the missing sock box. They sort through different patterns and find the lost red and white striped sock. Finally, Grover’s cape is ready. Before he flies off for his next adventure, Grover points out that Iron Monster is not needed anymore because the Laundromat already has a fantastic superhero, Leela!

Episode 4225

4225 - A Team Curriculum Goal: Literacy

Abby, Elmo, and Telly are in the arbor when Big A, played by Ryan Reynolds, comes in looking for members to join the A Team. The A Team helps people by solving problems using letter A words, such as “arrow” and “anchor.” Abby, Elmo, and Telly join the team and proudly wear the letter A on their chests. Baby Bear is the first one who has a problem. He needs help getting his sister Curly Bear to take a nap. The A Team brings in an astronaut reciting the alphabet while doing aerobics to help her fall asleep. It works! Curly Bear falls fast asleep. Next, Gina tries to reach an envelope that’s stuck in a tree. The A Team brings in animals with apricot allergies that have apricots tied to their ankles. Their sneezes blow the envelope back down! Last, Oscar is aggravated and angry that some pigs are playing by his trash can. First, The A Team tries to distract them by bringing in Alan wearing an afro being chased by an alligator with an attitude, but that doesn’t work. Big A wants to try a new plan and points out that the letter A can make different sounds. The A Team brings in an ape dressed as an angel singing about acorns. That plan doesn’t work either. Alan suggests that they try asking the pigs to move their game. It works! The pigs move away from Oscar’s trash can. Another problem solved using an “A” word. This calls for an “A” celebration!

Episode 4226

4226 - Itsy Bitsy Spider Curriculum Goal: Science

Elmo, Telly, and Rosita wait for the Itsy Bitsy spider to appear on a water spout in the arbor. Chris loves the song “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” so they all sing it together. After Chris leaves, they decide to find Itsy Bitsy. First, they think about where bugs are found: near plants, flowers, and in dirt. Using the clues, they decide the Itsy Bitsy Spider might be in the garden. When they reach the garden, Telly observes a bug with six legs but they find out it’s a beetle, not a spider. The beetle teaches them that a spider is not an insect, but an arachnid, or a bug with eight legs. They come upon a second bug, but it’s another insect- a hopping grasshopper! The grasshopper gives them the clue to check the spider’s home. Rosita spots an ant hill, but they find out that ants, not spiders, live in ant hills. Then they count the ant’s legs and realize it’s an insect, not an arachnid. The ant gives them the clue that a spider lives in a sticky and stringy place. Elmo realizes that they need to look for a spider web. Telly finds part of a web and follows the string until they reach the Itsy Bitsy Spider! But Itsy Bitsy explains she has more important things to do than sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” She is waiting for her egg sac to hatch. Suddenly, the sac hatches, and Telly, Rosita, and Elmo watch in awe as the tiny baby spiders are born!

Episode 4228

4228 - The Furry Four Curriculum Goal: Mathematics

Telly, Abby, and Elmo are reading Telly’s favorite comic book “The Furry Four!” They decide to pretend to be The Furry Four and quickly change into their furry, super costumes. Elmo is the Furry Flash, Abby is the Furry Tornado, and Telly is Mr. Furry! But that only makes three. They need one more member to be Furry Muscles so they can become The Furry Four. Telly, Elmo, and Abby go on a mission to find one more member! First, the superheroes run into Rosita and Zoe. They could be the The Furry Five, but Rosita and Zoe have planned to plant flowers in the garden with Maria. The mission continues. Abby, Telly, and Elmo think they found their fourth member when they come across a chicken, but he flies away in his cape. Next, they come across a squirrel who agrees to become the fourth member but he hurts his back trying to lift a mailbox while activating his super, furry power. Just then they see Chris sweeping outside Mr. Hooper’s Store. It turns out that he would love to pretend to be Furry Muscles and join the group. At last they found one more! Their first mission as The Furry Four is complete!

4230 - Science Fair Curriculum Goal: Science

Baby Bear and Telly are reporters at the Sesame Street Fairy Tale Science Fair! Everyone’s favorite fairy tale characters are solving problems with science. Little Red Riding Hood is the first fairy tale scientist and she can’t tell the difference between her granny and the Big Bad Wolf. She decides to solve her problem by observing and comparing. After she looks closely and carefully, she points out their similarities and differences and discovers who her real granny is! Cinderella, who just loves science, asks a question about whether a pumpkin will float or sink. They form a hypothesis and conduct an experiment to test it. Baby Bear and Telly think that it will sink, but the pumpkin actually floats! Next, the Three Little Pigs become worried about the Big Bad Wolf blowing down their house. They discuss what they already know: the wolf is coming and he can huff and puff and blow them away. They decide to build a house to protect them, but can’t agree upon which material is the best. Baby Bear helps them design an experiment to figure out which material is the sturdiest. They each make a hypothesis and use a fan to see which material won’t blow away- straw, sticks, or brick. The pigs conclude that brick is the best material. The Big Bad Wolf arrives, but to his disappointment, he can’t blow down the brick house. Science saved the day and solved lots of problems on Sesame Street!

4232 - Veggies Revolt Curriculum Goal: Health

Chris serves Telly a tuna sandwich with no lettuce just when a group of vegetables is heard nearby. They are holding picket signs, while marching and chanting. Anderson Cucumber, a reporter for VNN, arrives to find out what’s going on. The vegetables aren’t taking it anymore. They think no one likes them and they don’t feel appreciated, especially because Telly didn’t order lettuce on his tuna sandwich. Telly explains he was actually going to have salad on the side. Everything seems okay now until Zoe leaves broccoli on her plate. Chris encourages Zoe to eat her broccoli, but she would prefer to dance. So, Chris introduces The Veggie Dance! All the dancing makes Zoe hungry, so she tries the broccoli and loves it! This makes the vegetables happy until Anderson Cucumber reports that Cookie Monster is eating cookies instead of vegetables. Chris helps Cookie Monster pretend that his vegetables are cookies, such as a delicious broccoli cookie. Cookie Monster devours the entire plate of vegetables! Another victory for the vegetables! Shortly after, baby Natasha refuses to taste the strained vegetables that Gina is feeding her. The vegetables become offended again and plan to leave, but Chris explains that Natasha is just a baby, and everyone else on Sesame Street loves vegetables. However, by the time everyone finishes singing “We Love You Vegetables,” even baby Natasha has eaten her peas!

Episode 4234

4234 - Rock Band Curriculum Goal: Science

Vergil Von Vivaldi, played by Michael McKean, has come to Sesame Street to start a rock band made completely out of rocks! Vergil sings a song to show that there are rocks all over Sesame Street. He points out that the sidewalk, a statue in the garden, and the building are all made of rocks. Elmo and Abby join Vergil to search for rocks and try to identify their names based on their characteristics. First, they find a tiny rock, called a pebble. It is too light to be the singer of the rock band, but can be the tambourine player. Elmo then sees a heavy rock. It will play the gong in the rock band. Zoe comes by and suggests Rocco could be the lead singer. The group observes that Rocco is a rock called basalt, which means it came from a volcano. Unfortunately it has too many holes, so he can’t be the lead singer but can play the bass. Elmo finds limestone with fossils of leaves and shells on it from a long, long, long time ago. Vergil says the limestone can play the flute. Zoe finds a shiny rock called obsidian. It will play the oboe. Then, Abby finds marble that is sparkly and colorful. Marble will play the mandolin. Since they haven’t found a lead singer, Abby finally changes Vergil into a smooth, crystal like, sparkly rock called a gem. He can be the lead singer. The only thing left to do is… rock!