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Jason Mraz
Jason Mraz sings “Outdoors”
a parody of his song “I’m Yours”

Jason Mraz sings about being outdoors to explore and appreciate nature.

Mad Men parody Muppets

“Mad Men”

a parody of the television show
Mad Men
Muppet™ men create ads which cause them to have different emotions such as happy, mad and sad.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Big Bird.
Sarah Jessica Parker in “Waiting for Big”
a parody of the television series Sex and the City

Sarah Jessica Parker is waiting for “Big” so Super Grover brings her things that are big, bigger and biggest. However, these things are not the “Big” she’s waiting for. She’s waiting for Big Bird!

Big Bird in Apple iPod parody.
a parody’s of Apple’s iPod commercial

Big Bird, Elmo and Snuffy dance and sing about the letter “D.”

“Super K Cereal Commercial”
a parody of cereal commercials and Special K cereal

An announcer informs Muppet™ children how many bowls of ordinary Alphabet Cereal they will have to eat to spell words that begin with the letter “K.” Instead, they should eat Super K Cereal which has all K’s all the time.

Big Bird, Rosita, Elmo and Jimmy Fallon.
Jimmy Fallon in “Wild Nature Survivor Guy”
a parody of the television show
Man vs. Wild
Jimmy Fallon is the Wild Nature Survivor Guy and he tries to survive out in the wilds of Sesame Street. He shows everyone how there is nature all around them.