The Muppets® on Sesame Street

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Abby Cadabby

Abby Cadabby is an inquisitive 3-year-old fairy-in-training who has moved to Sesame Street from Fairyside, Queens. The daughter of a Fairy Godmother, she is learning magic but is not quite proficient yet and has a propensity for turning things into pumpkins with her “training wand.” She has come from a storybook world and is well-versed in fairytales, as they are a part of her family history. Abby loves to practice her magic and rhyming, but what she finds truly amazing and magical is what she discovers on Sesame Street; such as learning to count and drawing a letter with a crayon. These new things are utterly enchanting to her and she will often say “That’s so magic!” In Season 39, Abby goes to Big Bird’s nest for her very first sleepover! She brings her wand, her pillow and her favorite book.

Aloysius Snuffleupagus

Aloysius Snuffleupagus (a.k.a. Snuffy) and Big Bird are best friends who love to play together. The two share many adventures and help each other make sense of their world. Like most 4-year-olds, Snuffy is still learning how to cope with simple things, and his first impulse is often to give up. But with encouragement from his feathered friend and the other Sesame Street characters, he usually finds a solution to his problems. In Season 39, Big Bird and Snuffy decide to have a talent show! The only problem is that they don’t know what a talent show is!

Baby Bear

Baby Bear, borrowed from the enduring “Three Bears” story, continues to engage young viewers through his adventurous spirit and by his role as a wonderful older brother to his baby sister, Curly Bear. Like a young child, Baby Bear is territorial about his things. Children relate to his difficulty in sharing. However, he is open to new experiences and is also learning to cooperate and share with others. Telly Monster is a close buddy. This season, it’s Baby Bear’s birthday! The only thing he is worried about is that his little sister Curly Bear is going to wreck his Chocolate-Porridge Birthday Cake and ruin his whole party.

Curly Bear

Curly Bear, a toddler, has a very special relationship with her big brother, Baby Bear. Her brother, whom she calls, “Bebo” (pronounced bee-bo), is always helping her to learn and explore new things (like healthy foods). She also has a very special gift- a very LOUD GROWL that is even louder than Baby Bear or Papa Bear’s growl!


Bert is the long-suffering sidekick of Ernie. He is more mature, analytical, and considers himself the voice of reason in their relationship. Though seemingly older and wiser, Bert can be rather eccentric. He collects bottle caps and paper clips, plays the tuba, and loves Bernice, his pet pigeon. Bert is not always a willing participant in Ernie’s escapades; he correctly senses that the tables are destined to be turned on him, or that he will end up on the short end of the stick. In the end, however, Bert always forgives Ernie, forever remaining his “old buddy.”

Big Bird

Big Bird is an 8’2” tall 6-year-old yellow bird who is “every kid.” Children understand and identify with Big Bird’s excitement over new things as well as his disappointment when things don’t work out or when he makes mistakes. They also see his willingness to try again, to correct his mistakes and just by being persistent, find solutions to problems. In Season 39, Big Bird is having a nest sale! He wants to sell the toys that he doesn’t play with any more to someone else who will want them.

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster is a frenzied-but-cuddly character who preschoolers can identify with, specifically with his efforts to master words and phrases, and learn basic problem-solving skills from his eternal quest to find more food. This season, Chris gives Cookie Monster the last cookie in Hooper’s store and tells him that there will be more tomorrow. Cookie Monster wishes he never had to wait for a cookie again. Just then his Fairy Cookie Person (played by Sandra Oh) appears and gives him “The Cookie Touch.” Everything he touches will turn into a cookie!

Count Von Count

Count Von Count bears a comical resemblance to Count Dracula, but that is where the similarity ends. The Count thirsts for numbers, not necks. He will count anything and everything, and his totals are usually punctuated by a bone-jarring thunder clap. In Season 39, while Big Bird is having a nest sale, The Count comes and buys all the toys inside of the nest. When Big Bird returns and looks for his favorite teddy bear, Radar, he and Snuffy realize what happened and that he has been sold to The Count!


Elmo is a 3 ½-year-old red monster with a high pitched voice and a contagious giggle. Enthusiastic, friendly, and cheerful, he always wants to be part of everything that goes on. However, like most preschoolers, he sometimes doesn’t have the skills or knowledge to do what he wants. But that never stops him because he has a very positive, optimistic view of himself and life. In Season 39, Elmo returns for a ninth season of “Elmo’s World.” This year, Elmo, Dorothy (his pet fish) and Mr. Noodle cover topics such as Frogs, Drums and Eyes. In a street story, Elmo wants to be just like Gordon so he has decided to spend the day looking and acting just like him.


Ernie the outgoing foil to the more serious and responsible Bert, is great at explaining things, but can sometimes be a bit too smart for his own good. Ernie talks himself into some tight corners, and often falls prey to his own jokes, yet his free-spirited approach to his successes and failures makes him one of Sesame Street’s most enduring and likeable characters.


Grover, Sesame Street’s gregarious blue monster, accomplishes his tasks with the childlike exuberance that has been making young viewers laugh (and occasionally cringe) for more than three decades. He is excitable, caring and compulsive—a combination that proves particularly volatile when he rushes into situations without analyzing the consequences. Children connect with Grover when he is confounded by adult logic, and share his fantasy of competence and control when he becomes “Super Grover,” a problem-solving superhero who can do no wrong.

Super Grover

Super Grover is Grover’s furry, blue, and enormously cute alter ego. A superhero more exuberant and well meaning than actually helpful, he is known for his cape and medieval knight’s helmet (which always seems to close at all the wrong moments) and his accident-prone tendencies. More often than not, Super Grover lands right in the middle of problems, and as he makes ridiculous suggestions and offers help that is in no way helpful, the problems get solved without his contributions. Convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that he’s the one who’s saved the day (and the world in general); he flies off in search of new, exciting, heroic adventures (undoubtedly messing things up once again).


Oscar the Grouch, the resident Grouch on Sesame Street, despises all things nice and sweet. He loves collecting junk, standing in line, arguing, rainy days, and anchovy milk shakes. One thing Oscar does not like is children playing in front of his garbage can. In Season 39, when Mine-itis, a Grouch illness that causes everyone to stop sharing, breaks out on Sesame Street, Oscar must tell Elmo and Leela that the way to cure Mine-itis is to get a Grouch to share with you.


Rosita is an exuberant, playful girl whose full name, Rosita la Monstrua de las Cuevas, means “The Monster of the Caves.” She hails from Mexico, and speaks both Spanish and English, often mixing words from both languages when she speaks. Rosita uses her hands when she communicates with others, conveying her warmth with lots of touching and hugging. This season, Chris reads Elmo, Telly and Rosita the story of “Rico, The Very Helpful Robot!” After hearing the story, Elmo, Telly and Rosita decide to become robots to help Chris at Hooper’s store. They call themselves the Help-O-Bots. At first they are a really big help but then they start going faster and faster and end up making more of a mess for Chris to clean up.

Telly Monster

Telly Monster is an intense and earnest monster who worries about disasters that could never happen. He has tremendous compassion and empathy for everything and everyone. He is Baby Bear’s best friend, and the two boys are very protective of each other. Through this relationship, young viewers gain an understanding that friendships have ups and downs, and can sometimes take a lot of work. Telly is also the “Monster on the Spot” correspondent. This season, Telly becomes a contestant on his favorite game show “Hurry Up! You’re Running Out of Time!” He has to say the alphabet in one minute while Denny the Distracter plays instruments, sings, and pulls whistles all around him, making it hard for Telly to think about what he’s supposed to be thinking about.


Zoe, a furry, 3-year-old girl monster, gets so excited sometimes that her words cannot get out fast enough. When she is excited and wants to tell someone something, often times she’ll forget for a second what that something is. She LOVES Big Bird, he is her favorite person in the world! Zoe can also get jealous if she doesn’t get enough attention. In Season 39, it’s Who Can Wear the Most Hats on Their Head Day! Elmo and Zoe are going to play against each other, while Chris and Alan help add more and more hats.