PNC and sesame street

Partnership in Brief

PNC and Sesame Street: Investing in the greater good, starting with the very youngest.

PNC’s Objectives

Over its 150-year history as a community-focused bank, PNC has nurtured an ethos where social responsibility is an integral part of its culture. The company is a recognized leader among financial institutions in corporate citizenship, from directing millions of dollars in grants to community and economic development to giving employees paid time off to volunteer in their communities.

Through its philanthropy, PNC demonstrates a passionate belief in early childhood education. The bank views early education and school readiness initiatives as an enduring investment in children, society and the health of our economy for generations to come.

Why Sesame Street?

In its worthy pursuit of the greater good, PNC found an ideal partner in Sesame Street, an obvious choice given the bank’s focus on early education. Throughout our 8-year collaboration, Sesame Workshop has worked with PNC to identify critical educational needs and help turn their philanthropic vision into action.

PNC and Sesame Workshop are united in a mission to make real, long-term improvements in the lives of children, families and communities. This shared mission has made for a powerful partnership, sustained across many years and numerous programs, including several award-winning outreach efforts.

Partnership Components

Grow Up Great, PNC’s early childhood education program, is a  $350 million, multi-year initiative that began in 2004 to help prepare children from birth to age 5 for success in school and life. Considered one of the most comprehensive corporate programs of its kind, Grow Up Great includes a spectrum of school readiness initiatives that reach kids wherever they learn and emphasizes math, science, the arts and financial education. Like Happy, Healthy, Ready for School, a Muppet-centered multi-media kit for homes and preschools that helps children prepare for school intellectually, emotionally and physically. Or the mobile planetarium show, One World, One Sky, a dazzling scientific journey through the night sky led by Big Bird.

Our latest joint effort is Words are Here, There, and Everywhere. Delivered free in PNC’s communities and accessible to all online (visit the site), this bilingual multimedia initiative provides a variety of resources to help develop young children’s vocabularies, building on their natural curiosity around science, the arts, and math.


  • By 2016 more than 3.1 million outreach kits were distributed as a result of the program.
  • The One World, One Sky mobile planetarium show has been seen by nearly 130,000 kids at more than 1,000 locations.
  • Since its inception, PNC’s Grow Up Great program has achieved widespread awareness with over seven billion media impressions.
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