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July 05, 2012

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A Tour of Sesame Workshop’s Wall Art

By Graydon Gordian

In April we featured the work of Associate Design Director Louis Henry Mitchell, who created the wonderful chalk murals on the 8th floor of Sesame Workshop’s office. Many of our readers really enjoyed the post, so we wanted to show you the rest of the chalk art that can be found around the office.

The fun and imaginative wall art was created by our Creative Services team:

  • Graphic Designer Molly Hein (Bert and Ernie in the Subway, Ernie bowling, Gluten Free),
  • Associate Art Director Evan Cheng (Bert and Ernie in the Subway, Ernie Bowling, Gluten Free, Grover Michael Jackson)
  • Senior Design Director Vanessa Germosen (Bert and Ernie in the Subway)
  • Creative Director Kip Rathke (Super Grover)
  • Creative Director Janis Beauchamp (Elmo Peaking in)
  • Vice President Creative Director Theresa Fitzgerald (Super Grover)
  • Louis Henry Mitchell (Full Cast Welcome Sign, Elmo/Big Bird/Cookie Monster Welcome Sign, Herry)

Each of the artists brings his or her own style and technique to the portrayal of Sesame Street’s iconic MuppetsTM. The entire Sesame Workshop team loves the chalk drawings so much that we decided it was about time we shared them with everyone.

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