October 09, 2014

By Sesame Workshop

I Found My Way to Sesame Street: Cheryl Baxter, Sesame Street Live

Cheryls head shot

Cheryl Baxter (pictured above) is a director and choreographer with Sesame Street Live. Here’s her look back at how she found her way to Sesame Street.

I have directed and choreographed shows for Sesame Street Live since 1996. Some years I may work on two or three shows during a season. “Let’s Dance!” is a different format than other shows we have done in the past. There will be more audience participation, and, for some of the numbers the characters will be in the audience teaching various dances!

I really enjoy the rehearsal process. The creative team has a vision first on paper, then the music and choreography is set, and then it’s put on the performers. We start creating the shows months before rehearsals start in August – it’s exciting when we see it come to life.

The new challenges the show poses is to build in enough time musically for the characters to come on and off of the audience floor. At times there are eight characters going from the stage and covering the floor to interact with as many audience members as possible; building extra time to get them back on stage to do their next number is important.

My annual visit to La Crosse has always been a special time for me personally. I now live in Los Angeles, but I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin about an hour away from La Crosse, so getting the opportunity to open a show near my hometown is fantastic. My mom is a dance teacher in Wisconsin so she brings her dance students to the shows in La Crosse every year!


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