January 21, 2014

By Ghada Dahabreh

Five Years and Counting: Hikayat Simsim is celebrating its 5th year with long-time partner Bank of Jordan

Ghada Dahabreh is the Project Coordinator for Jordan Pioneers, which co-produces Hikayat Simsim with Sesame Workshop.

Jordan Pioneers, the producers behind the Jordanian educational multimedia initiative Hikayat Simsim (based on the award-winning children’s TV series Sesame Street), is thrilled to announce the 5th consecutive partnership year with our devoted collaborator Bank of Jordan (BOJ).  The past four years have enabled Hikayat Simsim to reach Jordanian children nationwide with positive messages about financial responsibility, teaching children about spending, sharing and saving habits. 

From the earliest stages of development, Bank of Jordan has provided Hikayat Simsim with a platform to transform our national approach to early childhood education, using local television to enliven and energize children’s learning experiences.  Over time, the enchanting world of Hikayat Simsim has continued to grow, expanding online with an interactive website that targets parents, teachers and children, and into the ever-developing world of social media with activities for families to get out and play.  Bank of Jordan has also helped to spread fun filled education through countless live shows featuring our beloved characters singing, dancing, and distributing educational materials in Jordan’s schools, community centers, museums and parks.

Fittingly, the furry residents of Hikayat Simsim helped kick off our fifth year with a fun-filled show at the Amman Children’s Museum.  Bank staff and their children danced and clapped to songs about saving, while enjoying a cake that would have made Cookie Monster jealous!

“Bank of Jordan has opened the wonderful world of Hikayat Simsim to the whole of Jordan, inviting imagination, creativity, and a whole lot of educational joy into every corner of the country,” said Jordan Pioneers CEO Khaled Haddad. “We are incredibly proud of our last four years, and we are already imagining what we can accomplish in the next.”

Eyad Jarrar, Executive Manager – Head of Retail Banking at Bank of Jordan, added that, “Bank of Jordan focuses on the educational sector and is keen to contribute positively to the benefit of our future generations. This partnership with Hikayat Simsim allowed BOJ to provide our children with knowledge that may hopefully help them in the future. Today we are happy to celebrate the partnership renewal with Hikayat Simsim in such an educational initiative.”

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