October 11, 2013

By Graydon Gordian

Sesame Street Teaches Literacy with New Digital Destination

By the age of four, a child from a high-income family has been exposed to 35 million more words than a child from a low-income family. Low-income children miss out on over 400 hours of literacy-related activities that high-income children experience. This gap in literacy and vocabulary must be closed. That’s why Sesame Workshop has partnered with the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation, known as the IICF, to launch Every Day is a Reading and Writing Day, a digital resource that will help children improve their reading and writing skills from an early age.

Every Day is  Reading and Writing Day includes videos, games, and activities for children and parents that will help young children develop the critical literacy abilities they need as they enter kindergarten. It also includes tips for parents, caregivers and volunteers who are looking for effective ways to encourage the children in their lives to read and write.

This wonderful multimedia educational tool wouldn’t be possible without the support of the IICF. Since 1994, the IICF has provided grants, volunteer service and leadership to communities throughout the country. By partnering with Sesame Workshop, the IICF’s commitment to improving literacy rates across America has found a furry and fun-filled expression online.

To learn more about the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation and all the work it does to support communities and enrich lives across the United States, click here. To explore the videos, games and other digital tools Sesame is using to increase literacy across the country, click here.

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