August 29, 2012

By Graydon Gordian

Remembering Jerry Nelson: Fans of Sesame Street Tell their Stories

When Jerry Nelson passed away on Thursday, August 23, everyone at Sesame Workshop — especially those who had worked with Jerry for not just years but decades — was deeply saddened. However, the outpouring of emotion regarding Jerry’s loss spread far beyond the walls of the Workshop. Across the country his fans began penning moving tributes to the artistry and care with which he portrayed iconic Sesame Street characters such as Count Von Count, Herry Monster and Sherlock Hemlock. There were many lovely pieces written about Jerry, too many to read them all. But we wanted to introduce you to a few that the Sesame Workshop family found especially touching.

James Wood, author of the blog Go Jimmy Go, wrote a wonderful piece about why, as a middle-aged man, he found the death of Jerry Nelson so moving.

On Taking Note, the New York Times editorial page blog, Lawrence Downes fondly remembers a scene in which Count Von Count provides some comic relief.

At Tough Pigs, a site for “Muppet fans who grew up,” they are dedicating an entire week to the remembrance of all the great work Jerry Nelson did not just for Sesame Street but on a number of iconic television shows.

At Muppet Mindset, another Muppet fan site, there have also been a number of thoughtful tributes to Jerry Nelson and his puppetry.

At Just Plain Something, a film blog, the author reflects on how big a hole the loss of Jerry Nelson leaves in the world of puppetry, even for those who did not immediately recognize his name.

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