February 08, 2012

By Graydon Gordian

Electric Company Cast Meets Young Girl on her Make-A-Wish Day

For years Sesame Workshop has been working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help fulfill the wishes of young children with life-threatening illnesses. That’s why, when we found out that it was the dream of 8-year-old Isabella Icatar to meet the cast of The Electric Company, we were honored to make that dream a reality.

On Sunday, January 29 Isabella and her family came from their home in Connecticut to New York City, where they had lunch with Jenni Barber, Priscilla Diaz and Josh Segarra, who play Lisa, Jennifer and Hector on the show. Jenni, Priscilla and Josh were so excited and humbled to get to know such a brave young girl as Isabella.

Isabella’s father Roneil wrote about the day on her family’s blog. From the sounds of it, they had a pretty wonderful time:

The most exciting time of the lunch was when the three of them made Isabella an actual member of the Electric Company!  She had to first agree to the terms of becoming a member, then they presented her a certificate to prove her membership!  Afterwards, they serenaded her to one of her favorite songs “Silent E”.

As lunch wound down, we took a bunch of pictures with them and they also signed a bunch of things for us.  We said our goodbyes, and although our time with the Electric Company was done, our Make-A-Wish day was not done yet.

Isabella and her family spent the rest of the day taking a carriage ride through Central Park and filling up on tasty treats at Dylan’s Candy Bar. Read about the rest of Isabella’s Make-A-Wish day on her blog and check out the slideshow her parents made from all the photographs they took that day.

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