February 01, 2012

By Graydon Gordian

Behind the Scenes: Sesame Workshop in Pakistan

In December of last year Pakistan’s PTV began broadcasting Sim Sim Hamara, one of Sesame Workshop’s newest international co-productions. During the lead up to the show’s inaugural broadcast, our Pakistani partner Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop made the above video to document all the wonderful work their team of Pakistani producers and performers are doing to enrich the lives of their country’s children.

Like Sesame Street, Sim Sim Hamara features lovable puppet friends that help children attain the building blocks of literacy and numeracy as well as encourage healthy eating habits and cultural understanding. Sim Sim Hamara might also have the catchiest theme song of any Sesame Workshop production. We apologize if it gets stuck in your head!

We’re so excited to be working with Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop to educate and entertain the children of Pakistan, and after watching the above video we think you will be too.

Generous support of Sim Sim Hamara is made possible by the American people and government through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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