Episode 101 – 8/18/2018

Monster Trucks! – Esme and Roy are having a blast watching Tillie, a car-loving Plink Monster. When bath time rolls around, Tillie refuses to hop in the tub! Thankfully, Esme and Roy know that with a little imagination and a few pool noodles, they can make bath time the best time!

Lunch Crunch – It’s lunchtime at Simon’s house, and Simon can’t wait for Esme and Roy to fix the only meal he eats: a fish and stinky cheese sandwich. When the family pet gobbles up the last of the fish and stinky cheese, Esme and Roy use their love of art to get Simon to branch out.

Episode 102 – 8/25/2018

Dark and Stormy Knight – A thunderstorm is coming, and Esme and Roy are watching the huggable Snugs. He’s absolutely terrified of storms, and when Muzzywump monsters get scared, they puff up. Soon, Snugs is the size of a house! Esme and Roy use their quick thinking to calm Snugs back to his regular size.

Two Can Play at That Game – Bleederblop Monsters Frank and Franny are eager to play, but each one wants to play a different game: Frank wants to play ballet, while Franny wants to play pirates. Esme and Roy try to juggle both games at once, but it proves to be more exhausting than they imagined. With a little teamwork and imagination, Esme and Roy have just the solution!

Episode 104 – 8/25/2018

Noisy Naptime – The Monster Sitters are watching the musically-inclined Ooga monster, Hugo, while his baby sister Fig gets her nap. But Hugo has a hard time staying quiet! Esme and Roy find a low-key game for Hugo so his baby sister can get her beauty sleep.

The Hugo Express – When Esme and Roy get to Hugo’s house, his father tells them that they need to keep the house extra clean. But when the three get wrapped up playing trains, they make a huge mess! Can the Monster Sitters find a fun way to clean up before Daddy Ooga gets home?

Episode 105 – 9/1/2018

Gentle, Gentle – She’s strong! She’s mighty! She’s…teeny tiny? Esme and Roy are watching littlest Ooga monster, Fig, who is very strong for her small size.  When Fig comes across Roy’s monster pet, Dumpling, she wants to squeeze Dumpling too tight! Esme and Roy use their quick thinking – and a guinea pig costume! – to show Fig the strength in being gentle.

The Case of the Missing Cuddles – Esme and Roy are watching Snugs one evening. Just before bedtime, they realize Snugs’s favorite stuffed toy is missing – and Snugs can’t sleep without it! With a little ingenuity and some Sherlock Holmes flair, Esme and Roy search for the missing toy.

Episode 103 – 9/15/2018

Supermarket Match – Esme and Roy are watching Tillie at the supermarket when Tillie starts grabbing anything and everything in the store! Esme and Roy use their knowledge of matching – and some awesome teamwork – to create a game that’ll focus Tillie’s energy and make grocery shopping the best part of the day.

Imitation Frustration – It’s a beautiful day, so Esme and Roy take Hoozlewoo siblings Sid and Lucy to play in the park. But when Sid starts copying everything Lucy does, Lucy gets frustrated—she wants to do her own thing! Esme and Roy flip the script with a playground game that helps everyone have a great time!

Episode 108 – 9/22/2018

Hugo, We Have a Problem – It’s a rainy day, so Esme and Roy are taking Hugo and baby Fig to the planetarium! When Fig refuses to put on her raingear, Esme and Roy use their love of play and crafty know-how to get Fig ready in time for blast-off.


A New Chapter – Esme and Roy are watching Simon, who can’t wait to read the next book in his favorite series.  But Grammy Swoozle accidentally takes the book with her when she leaves! Esme and Roy use their imaginations and love of stories to find a solution where everyone lives happily ever after.


Episode 106 – 9/29/2018

Game Plan – It’s time for Monster Scout Camp, and Esme and Roy are helping Tillie get ready for her first day. But Tillie keeps getting distracted – she wants to keep playing! Thankfully, the Monster Sitters know just the game to get Tillie focused while still having fun …but will Tillie make it out the door before the bus arrives?


A Way to Play – Simon and Tillie are coming by Monster Sitters’ HQ for a playdate, but the neat-and-tidy Simon and the rambunctious and messy Tillie have trouble finding a game they can both enjoy. Thankfully, Esme and Roy find a fun (and colorful!) solution to help them find the perfect balance of messy and neat.


Episode 107– 10/6/2018

Sing Out, Roy! – It’s time for the Monsterdale Talent Show! When Roy’s stage fright causes him to freeze up, Esme uses her creative thinking, teamwork, and a dash of crafty flair to get Roy ready for his big debut.


Monster’s Little Helper – Roy and Esme meet the quirky and enthusiastic Lottie, who wants nothing more than to be a monster sitter herself! But when Lottie accidentally shrinks baby Fig while they’re out on a “mission,” Esme and Roy need to use their powers of observation and love of games to help Lottie find Fig and get her back to her regular size.