About Esme & Roy

Welcome to the world of Esme & Roy, where playtime is the best time! Following a dynamic pair of monster babysitters – a young girl, Esme, and her monster best friend, Roy – this creative show invites children into a richly textured world of monster fun.

In each episode, Monster Sitters Esme and Roy harness the power of play to help solve their little charges’ monster-sized problems. The countless silly situations the friends get into along the way will have kids laughing as they learn.

Esme and Roy live in bustling Monsterdale, where the colorful streets are always buzzing with monsters of all shapes and sizes. Sharp-eyed viewers will notice that homes in Monsterdale reflect the monsters who live in them: flying monsters live in homes like Victorian birdcages, while aquatic monsters live in houses shaped like giant fishbowls. A little house in Esme’s backyard serves as Monster Sitters’ HQ, complete with a comfy chair for Roy and a habitat for his monster pet, Dumpling.

Good feelings abound in Monsterdale, but Esme & Roy also shows real feelings: when little monsters face relatable challenges, like losing a favorite toy or getting scared of a thunderstorm, Monster Sitters Esme and Roy use mindfulness strategies – and a little imagination! – to help them regulate big feelings and proceed with calm confidence.

The respect and friendship between the unlikely duo of Monster Sitters – and their affection for the little monsters in their neighborhood – is at the heart of Esme & Roy and sure to delight little viewers while they learn!

Esme & Roy comes from Sesame Workshop, the makers of Sesame Street — and it offers all the humor, learning, and trust synonymous with the Sesame name. Dedicated to helping kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder, Sesame Workshop has been making a real and lasting difference in children’s lives for almost 50 years.



With loveable characters who spark strong emotional connections among preschoolers and parents alike, Esme & Roy invites children into a colorful world where even the littlest monsters can overcome big challenges together. Esme & Roy uses the power of play to help younger monsters through familiar situations like trying new foods, or feeling frustration with a sibling. Children will look up to their new favorite monster-sitters as positive role models, learning how to manage strong emotions with simple mindfulness practices alongside Esme and Roy’s charges.


Learning Through Play

Esme & Roy’s primary education goal is to model how children learn best through play, fostering a range of play patterns using everyday objects to extend learning across content areas.

When children play, they are:

  • Cognitively, physically, and socially engaged
  • Curious and ready to try new things
  • Motivated by their own interests, which makes play meaningful

 As play guides, Esme and Roy set up different types of play to solve problems and help the little monsters learn a range of lessons while keeping their interest through play.



The secondary education goal of Esme & Roy is to model strategies to help children manage their emotions. When the little monsters experience big feelings like worry, frustration, or fear, the Monster Sitters use an array of calm-down strategies to help them regulate their emotions so they are ready for playtime.

These simple strategies include:

  • Belly breathing: Slow, deep breaths, taken in through the nose and out through the mouth;
  • Hugging oneself
  • Glitter jars: Calming the body and mind by shaking a sparkly snow globe-like jar, taking deep breaths while watching the glitter swirl and slowly fall;
  • Self-talk: Using positive statements to remind kids of their strength and capability;

…and they’re easily repeatable at home, even for very young viewers.