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A Magical World of Rainbow Rivers and Talking Trees



When six-year-old Emmy and her four-year-old brother Max move into a new house, they discover a magical musical instrument that transports them to Dragon Land, a world of fantasy that brims with talking trees, rainbow rivers, gnomes, giants – and dragons! They meet the young dragons Ord, Cassie, Zak, Wheezie, and Quetzal, who have human personalities and share similar fears and questions about growing up as Emmy and Max.

Alongside their new dragon friends, Emmy and Max explore the magical world that they’ve found, encountering challenges and working together to find solutions. Each episode introduces a new challenge for the children and the dragons. Topics like dealing with fear of the doctor, learning to speak up, and coping with separation from a sibling help viewers learn strategies for navigating their own challenges.

Dragon Tales encourages kids to join in! Each half-hour episode includes two 12-minute segments and one two-minute interlude, Dragon Tunes, which gets viewers singing, clapping, and shaking their dragon tails along with the music.

The show is geared toward three- to six-year-olds and aims to:

  • Encourage young children to pursue the challenging experiences that support their growth and development
  • Help young children recognize that there are many ways to approach the challenging experiences in their lives
  • Help children understand that trying and not fully succeeding is a natural and valuable part of growing up

The related series of Dragon Tales story books also chart the dragons’ adventures, and coloring books have children everywhere busily completing colorful drawings.

Dragon Tales is a Sesame Workshop co-production with Sony Pictures Family Entertainment Group.

Notable Quotes

”I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart”


Dragon Land has a network of subterranean springs, caves, and slides called Knuckerholes. They can suddenly appear anywhere at any time!

Dragons love to eat dragonberry muffins.

Dragon Tales was born in 1978, when former educator Ron Rodecker had quadruple bypass surgery and began drawing sketches of dragons to symbolize the forces in life that are too big to control.

Number of Seasons


Number of Episodes

Season one: 40

Season two: 25

Season three: 13

Episode runtime

30 minutes




Sony Pictures Television

Sesame Workshop


PBS Kids Sprout and PBS